Fun Camp

The Athletic Fun Camp - MAY 16th - 19th, 2019
Suttle Lake, Oregon 


Three Nights & Four Days at Four Star Accommodations

Includes Three Breakfast's and One Chef to Table Dinner

Gravel Riding Routes / Hiking / Canoeing / Tye Dye / S'more's / Party Vibes / Great Food / Lakeside Shenanigans 

Fun Camp 2019 will be limited to 30 guests) 

What is The Athletic Fun Camp? The Athletic Fun Camp is a premium fun times weekend experience, with all the comfort and hospitality that Oregon can offer. Will there be gravel riding? Definitely. Do you have to? Not at all — there are a host of other things to do. Hike some trails, go for a run, just be back and ready to party later. Check out the blog post that we did on the Suttle Lodge and the riding in the area... it's some of the best gravel roads and trails around.

We've gone to a few of these adventure weekends recently and come back thinking "damn, I need a vacation from my vacation." So, we decided to build something for everyone to enjoy. Think of it as a relaxing party, but with some great food, drinks, and fun rides in scenic Oregon. Oh wait, your idea of a party is to smash out 80 miles in the morning and drink till 2am? We can roll with that too. Promise.

The week will start in Portland, as it always does for us. But, we realize that this place can be an adventure as well. Which is why we thought, "maybe we should roll out the red carpet here too?" If you can make it out here earlier, even better, we’ll be having drinks at our store, and hosting rides around the area to get you warmed up.

Dogs and Kids Welcome (but they're still, you know, your responsibility.) We are working on some Arts & Crafts program for the days when group rides will be out and about. But, this is a full service lodge, there's a ping pong table. There are S.U.Ps everywhere. Plus, NATURE!


(subject to change, as with everything)


  • 11am Welcome to the lodge!
  • 2pm Short travel recovery trail/gravel ride
  • 5pm Drinks on the lake
  • 6pm Dinner (on your own)


  • 8am Breakfast at The Boat House
  • 10am Roll gravel ride (2 options, short or long)
  • 5pm Drinks and Ping Pong at The Boat House
  • 6pm Dinner (on your own)


  • 8am Breakfast at The Boat House
  • 10am Roll gravel ride (2 length options)
  • It's not a race, but it is going to be a good time.
  • 5pm Drinks
  • 6pm Farm Dinner on the lake
  • Party Time, Excellent!


  • 8am Breakfast at The Boat House
  • 9:30am Short ride before taking the road
  • 12pm Bye bye friends! See you next year!

Also Available On Site

    • Bike mechanics for any necessary fixes 
    • Massages available for booking
    • Paddle boards & Canoes on the lake, as well as great trails.
    • There will be some arts and crafts happening during the day Friday and Saturday.
    • Full service bar in the Lodge