The Athletic is BACK! We treasure your support and appreciate your patience as we practice shipping orders straight from our house to yours.

We started this crazy adventure with one sock — The PDX Airport Carpet Sock — and the community grew from there.


Now we are writing a new chapter. No fences. No drop rides. More friends. 

Since the second I saw that The Athletic was shutting down, I had this crazy vision to help keep the community alive. DMs were sent and an average copywriter dude with a passion for socks started crunching the numbers and thinking about what it might look like to fully send it and relaunch a business. 

Along the way, the Zoom calls I had with Jeremy and Julie kept us all a little sane and plenty crazy during quarantine time. The meetings I had with my design idols at Young Jerks showed me that maybe my kooky taste for armadillos and Willie Nelson and sports and the American Heartland could resonate with people on a deep level. Incredibly kind people across all different industries walked me through where socks come from, how to turn a flat file into a real live patch you can iron on your bar bag, and the things that a community can mean to us. 




John Montesi Head Wrangler

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