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Looking for custom socks for your club, team or maybe a work trip that everyone is stoked about? Well, this option is for you. We’ve been working on getting this process dialed for more than five years, so we’re pretty confident when we say “let’s do this!” Just take a gander at all those beautiful socks there to your left. Other left. Those are just a few examples of socks we have produced with other fun brands - folks - and ideas. 

We’ve got an awesome factory in Italy where we make only the finest cycling and running hosiery available and now we’re making this available to you. 
If you’re thinking about doing it, don’t wait, we’re only taking a limited number of these each year.

125 Pairs of Custom Socks = $1,750 (or 14 dollars a pair)

200 Pairs of Custom Socks = $2,600 ( or 13 dollars a pair)

250 Pairs of Custom Socks = $3,000 (or 12 dollars a pair)

300 Pairs of Custom Socks  = $3,300 (or 11 dollars a pair)

                 200 Pairs of Custom Wool Socks  = $3,100 (or 15.50 dollars a pair)

How it works!
1 - Choose one of the above options and complete your order.

2 - We will immediately get in touch with you to talk about your creative direction, ideas for your socks (if you have them), the timelines that we’re working with and how to get you your custom socks! You can also use one of our existing design in your team color, how cool is that? Answer is: So cool. 

3 - Within ten days of our initial conversation we will send you two custom sock proposals to look over. At this point we will head into what we like to call “approval phase.”

4 - Approval Phase
You are stoked and approve one of the designs! At which time the socks go into production with one of our awesome factories. We will give you two rounds of this... (but a small fee — $150 — will be assessed if you want to start over from square one).


Once we’ve moved through the approval phase then all you have to do is wait anxiously by your front door for a big box of socks to arrive.

Congratulations! You did it. Your socks will be delivered from 45 - 60 days after the final approval. There can be delays in this timeline depending on the time of year (think back to school, holidays, August in Italy, etc etc) but that’s generally what we’re working with.


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