Electric Water Bottles

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You may have noticed that we have a thing for electricity. Not in a Nikola Tesla sort of way either. Just, like the imagery behind lightning bolts and things like that. But, while you might get one thing in your mind when you think of electricity, it is important to remember that it takes many forms. Hence why we use it in so many different ways, from Three Bolt socks to National Collection Cycling Kits and onto, well, this! 

The Electric cycling collection came straight out of the mind and flowed through the pen of Julie Krasniak. She likes the hand-drawn look, what can we say? It has that "Keep Moving" feel to it. The excitement of the early morning rides blended in with those late afternoon town line sprints. Plus, whatever else you can cook up.

Note: This is a MISMATCHED pair of bottles. You will get one blue and one gold bottle. For a total of two bottles, get thirsty.

Designed in Portland - Made in USA. Specialized Purist 22oz bottles 

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