Digi Camo Pouch

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They're baaaaack! We heard from our good friend Yanco recently who mentioned that he had been sweeping up the floor of his shop and there, way way back in the deepest recesses he found a few more yards of this super special Digital Camo Dyneema fabric. Trust us when we say we were as surprised as he was. 

In any case he whipped out a few more pouches and now we're presenting them to you. Here, now! We made these to match the Digi Camo Socks - the blue exterior pairs up with the Orange Rind Flavor, while the inside matches the Raspberry. And while the Lemon Curd one is super awesome and contains the same pattern, it doesn't match the pouch. 

Case is 4" x 7.5" and includes a seam sealed zipper and some bright orange tabs at either end. Will fit up to an iPhone 7+ in its clutches. Or a pen and a Field Notes book. Or maybe some weed sticks and a lighter. Depends on what you're into? 

Made in USA!

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