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Triple Exposure

Triple Exposure

by Jeremy Dunn

I'm not even sure what happened here. From time to time I'll grab a 35mm camera from Goodwill and shoot a roll. These little point and shoot jammers are great because they fit in your jersey, the back pocket of your jeans, or even a fanny pack if you're into that sort of thing (sling it over your shoulder if you don't want to look too weird).  

A few weeks back I dropped off a roll (Ektar 100) from one such camera. A Vivitar AF450 if you must know — and because it's sitting in front of me on my desk — lined up with a small collection of others. There's a Konica Big Mini that I got because my friend Hiro had one in Japan. It doesn't work. An Olympus Stylus Epic because they're the most often found and a trusty Yashica T4 that I haven't broken yet. 

But, what I'm trying to figure out right now is what's up with this Vivitar. It seemed like it took an exceptionally long time to go through a roll of film. And I guess this fever dream of an acid trip explains a little bit about why that's the case. There's a lot to unpack here, as they say. 

So much synchronicity, if you know what I mean.  

There's a chance that I got a little over-excited when I started looking through these photos. I mean, obviously, the processing spot had to make some cut choices along the way, but kudos to those guys as well because they made all the right choices.  

The prints are a sort of amalgamation of the last couple years even. The neverending roll of film. I mean, what was it doing, just rewinding a little bit every time after it advanced? 

Bend Oregon for the Single Speed Worlds. That's when I got this great shot of Dan carrying this piece of sound equipment out into the desert. We didn't want to do it, but we did it. Then, Epiphany was there handing out hotdogs. Which it looks like is what it takes to make this runner go go go!

Actually, there are two trips to Bend on here, the photo with the two different basketball hoops. The second hoop was taken on a neighborhood ride here in Portland. Those lined up! WTF. 

The Jacuzzi Boys did their 100 mile record thing and we stopped by to check it out. That's where the shot of Faith in her ACG hat next to Prince's ACG shoes (synchronicity!) came from. And the one of Chris McNally celebrating with the "Track & Field Nike Swoosh" over him. He's a fan of T&F, clearly. 

Or that time we went into the desert with Subaru, that's on there. 

Couple trips to California. How long must this go on? The sunset photo is one of those, possibly the waves washing up on the rims? That's from the Oregon Coast I believe, as is the shot of Young Atlas looking up at Julie looking down at him (synchronicity!) 

It's too much for my feeble mind, it really is. But, what a treat. 

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