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Treasure Hunting in San Francisco

Treasure Hunting in San Francisco

by Julie Krasniak

Wandering happily in the street of San Francisco during a sunny afternoon, we were on the hunt to find the future installation curated by Barry McGee for Sites Unseen. As usual we didn’t have much info except that it was being painted, had a cool geometrical pattern and was close to MoMa on top of a parking garage.

We made our way up there looking for something precise, in the elevator and hidden by doors and parking garage signs we saw clues here on there, on the wall, the floor and the selling – if you were looking at your phone or lost in your thoughts you wouldn’t see it. Even if you were passing by everyday.

The excitement of hunting a secret treasure is palpable, when the elevator opens we are still on our toes, maybe it hasn't even started yet? The open roof of the garage is weirdly quiet and deserted. We step out to the open sky and finally unveil the mural being painted by a member of ICU art - He is patiently creating a square pattern, delimitating precise lines after lines with painter tape, one square at the time.

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