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Transmissions with Tyler Frisbee

Transmissions with Tyler Frisbee

Yes, that's her real name. 

Yes, she believes autonomous cars will be navigating Portland's streets within a few years.

Yes, she got JD to admit he sang with a capella groups in school.

In this episode of Transmissions we talk with Tyler Frisbee, the hometown hero who went east for school and an impressive stint on Capitol Hill afterwards, who is now the Policy &  Innovation Manager at Metro. What is Metro? The short answer is that it is a regional agency of the Portland metropolitan area, covering 23 cities and 1.5 million people. Metro is the first directly elected regional government  and its mission is to "manage growth, infrastructure and development issues that cross jurisdictional boundaries." Tyler explains with great enthusiasm what she is doing to continue the work that 30 years of Metro governance has done to make Portland so successful and, as of recently, so popular.

Tyler attended Dartmouth College where she would compete with the dressage team and then dove straight into Oregon politics as a staffer for the bike-loving, bow-tie wearing US Congressman Earl Blumenauer, (D - OR 3rd District). Back home in Portland, she's determined to apply the smartest transportation policy she knows to the city. She likes bikes, loves to ski, she enjoys running, and she hopes to qualify for Boston though postponing training runs to do podcasts may not be the best plan for doing so.

CD believes she will be mayor of PDX some day in the future and definitely for more than a week. Don't be surprised to see Arvydas Sabonis as her chief of staff.

It's all here in Transmissions Episode Seven with Tyler Frisbee 
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