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Transmissions Podcast: Scott Johnston

Transmissions Podcast: Scott Johnston

What do we know about skateboarding? Well, not that much as you'll begin to notice. Sure, we can partner up with Brett, Dan and Marc to allow some cool shots to filter through, but when it comes to actually buckling down and talking about it, well, the jury is still out on that one. But, that's not to say we didn't have a good time. 

When former pro skateboarders Scott Johnston agreed to sit down with us to talk about skating with kids, Supreme skate spots, shoes and working on your own shit, we were more than a little surprised. Scott now works as a design director for Adidas and was most recently in charge of a redesign for a neat little shoe you may have heard of — the adidas Samba ADV — and from all reports it looks and feels great. 

This past fall we ran into Scott as he attempted his first few cyclocross races. He got himself a single speed bike and spent some time out at the Portland Trophy Cup racing around and stirring up the muck with our designer friend Max Erdenberger. He had the eye of the Tiger out on course, so we had an inkling that there was so much more to know. 

We were right! And no matter how finite our lack of skate knowledge, we had a blast hearing some stories and reminiscing with Mr. Johnston. Because who doesn't remember the days of taking your vhs tapes over to the one guy who had not one, but TWO VCR's at his house to splice it all together? Show of Hands. Or who hasn't thought they were going to be a skater one day until that board shoots out from under foot and you know, as you're making the fall, that your skate career is over before it's really begun? 

It's a good time. 

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