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Transmissions Podcast: Meet Jeff Curtes

Transmissions Podcast: Meet Jeff Curtes

Full fenders, gloves, heavy jackets, maybe even the double base layers — are starting to migrate back to their respective cedar chests around here. However, it is quite easy to harken back to a time, just one or two short months ago when they were the norm. In fact, here's a little video to help you do it. In any case, it is a good starting spot to jump off on a talk with photographer Jeff Curtes.

Check out the podcast » Transmissions Episode Three with Jeff Curtes.


Ollie from MAAP Apparel and Jeff had just arrived from Australia, slapped their bikes together and convinced myself, Dan Sharp and Joe Reynolds to join them on a little Weekday Bull Run action. This was to be prep for the shoot they were about to undertake in Utah. So, that's when you just say fuck it and go for a long ride, whether you're physically prepared to do it or not. Whether you have the bike for it, or not. That's the beauty of the Weekday Bull Run.   

Now, that's all well and good, but a Weekday Bull Run with Jeff Curtes?

 Not something that you can say no to. Even when you're standing there shaking your head "no" at him, or protesting your fitness levels, you find yourself agreeing to whatever it is that he's selling you. It's his sheer enthusiasm. Be it a cyclocross race that you hadn't planned on, a ride through an all too damp forest, or maybe even a race through 100 miles of August heat (ok, maybe that one was my idea). Let's go! 

In fact, there's a shaggy haired shot of Jeff on his Golden Speedvagen steed at 02:41 of this 2009 Rapha Gentleman's Race Film. I think it even went on a to be a story in Bicycling Magazine that he pulled together with our teammate Matt Card

Whatever the case may be, Jeff will be the first one there with bells on as he was this random Wednesday in March. The one where we somehow decided that Bull Run was going to be a good idea. And of course it was. Keep moving, keep focused on forward. 

It was no surprise when Jeff agreed to sit down with CD and I directly after this ride to record a podcast. He didn't even hesitate for a moment — "Yeah, sounds killer, let's do that." And it was then, well, you can listen for yourself, that we started to find out some cool stuff about Jeff Curtes, his crazy brothers (well, we already knew that) and his life traveling and shooting some of the best snowboard photos that you've ever seen... case in point. I showed the below photo to our friend Greg Johnson and he knew exactly who and where it was taken, but hadn't known that it was Jeff. NBD! 

Whether we find him on a backroad in Colorado, holed up somewhere in Japan racing cross, surfing with his kids in Sydney, or sipping coffee in his second-or-third home of Portland, Oregon. He's a man on the move, that Curtes.  

Shoutout to another radical photographer - Dan Sharp - for shooting all the footage in the above video. 

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