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Totally Jazzy!

Local Pro, as in PRO, Adam Myerson decided that he hadn't had enough racing this past weekend and decided to drop by the Boldsprints the other night. Not only that, but I'm sure the crowd was "jazzed" when he shed a few layers to do so.

Now I'm just elite cyclocross is a daunting task, but racing two days of elite cyclocross and then jumping on someone else's track bike to compete in front of a crowd. Not only was Adam psyched to do it, but he took his pants off for it as well...

You'll see that Adam is sporting only the finest threads. Starting it off right with his nod to the Euro scene with his navy blue Cyclo Cross beanie. Followed by a sporty pink Veloshop T-shirt and with a final touch of his x-small bannanna yellow undies which were stretched to the very limit of their moral fibers as he thrashed away.

Right before the start I asked Adam if he had done this before (implying that there might be a certain level of pain involved.) His response...

"No, but I've ridden at Trexlertown."

Hmm...The jury is still out on if that helps or not, but if you take a look at the above photos you'll see that Adam brought his elite level pain face.
Complete with lightning bolts shooting from his mouth.

What is interesting to note is that, while he may not have won the race between he and defending champion Tristan, he did win over the hearts of more than a few young ladies in the crowd, and something tells me were going to see him back for a rematch.
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