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Thursday, the new Friday.

Thursday is the new Friday. Remember when everyone started saying that? Then remember when it became so true that you wanted to schedule everything on Wednesday so that you were caught up for Thursday to be over? Well, it's because Friday is so awesome that it is a breeze to get through. Put your feet up on the handlebars and just coast on through that second cup of coffee. Then, before you know it, the weekend is here...

This is exactly what happened this day. We stayed out later than usual with Mr. Jakeszy's Finding The Shit opening party (Tenspeed Hero recap roundup) and then went for a nice ride the next day to celebrate. I remember it being not too hot and not too cold. Overcast is fine when you're riding with this crew, because the likelihood that someone is going to try and hott it up in the first few miles, is high. 


The chance that Patrick is going to pick the steeper, more strenuous route up to the top of Skyline is high. The one where 53rd twists up and everyone groans audibly as he makes the turn, but nods in agreement when he fires back with "when COACH is on the front, COACH picks the route." And so, begrudgingly we all follow until someone starts talking about the show the night before and then someone else starts to pick up the pace and suddenly we are all but sprinting up over the rise and hoping the turn onto Thompson could come quicker. All that while trying to pretend that it's all just no big deal. 

But it is a big deal, or so you tell yourself. You pulled one over on everyone by having those extra couple drinks and that donut that really just came out of no where. Who brings donuts to a Thursday night party? But, they were there and you did eat one, so the little bit of extra riding is going to really make all the difference. Man that Beam & Anchor spot is cool.

Wait, shit, it's only Tuesday. 

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