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The War Room: Transmission One

the Urgent Recall, Securitazi

Bringing the strife and horror borne triumph. for reals.
looks like these soldiers are reconnoitering the grounds of the MAC series opener: proto/retro oldTimey battalion triggermen Delux.

12Sept07 is super sunny and dreamlike; the exact opposite of what we experienced yesterday. (badass rains and wind, realworld trama from the heavens, thanks Zeus.) headlines in most major papers were a parody of themselves. most polls revealed that this nation still has not taken to improved measures of awareness and security necessary to combat the ever present threat of sleepercellz at large. no no no, all is well: look, good times and noodle salad on the deck, port side of course. (pay no attention to the bodies being dropped on the otherside of the ship. acceptable collateral.) sunshine blessed troop fueled future on the near horizon.

chance this spot on your rest hour work scene:
the Autolux EPK, sick business.

Jogg, did you find the icecream tub in your effects?
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