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The Solstice Stair Stepper with JBAC

Saturday evening at 7:30 we will be paying tribute to our favorite summer element, no, not pool water — sunshine! — (you didn't know sunshine was an element?) by hosting our second running event with the Jacuzzi Boys Athletic Club. So, make sure that you're laces are tight and bring a "tasty beverage" as your entry fee. The run is open to anyone and everyone. There will be "fast" group in the front and a secondary running squad following "closely" behind. What do all these "" mean? That no one is going to get "dropped" and everyone will be having "fun." 

What: Solstice Stair Stepper

When: Saturday, June 25th - 7:30pm meet - 8pm run

Route: See Map Below. Also, here's a LINK to download the route. Yes, we know there is a "tiny" section missing. That's why we will have people there to direct. 

Entry Fee: Please bring a tall beverage of your choice. It may be adult in nature, but it may also not be, depending on your tea-totaling ways. We don't judge, we just get thirsty. Just make sure you bring one, and maybe one to share. 

Prizes: There will be prizes for the first woman and man to the top of the Overton St. Stairs. Owie! Plus, we've got some new socks we just launched, so maybe you'll take home a pair of those if you win, or something. 

Questions: email - J.dunn@theathleticcommunity.com

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