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The Slabtown Mile

The Slabtown Mile

Wait, whaaaat? 1 Mile Run/Race? Tacos? What's going on here? 

Well, thankfully, we've got all, or at least some of the answers. 

But first, if you feel weird about running in the dark...BRING A HEADLAMP! 

Friday - November 10th 

The Slabtown Mile aka The Taco Mile aka "It's Just One Mile." 

The Athletic Community 
925 NW 19th Ave - Suite A 
Portland, OR 97209 

7:30PM - JBAC LED WARM UP RUN (stretch it out) 
8:30PM - Go Go Go! 

It's going to be pretty simple. Show up and bring your running sneaks. Sign a waiver at the Athletic. That's an important part. Then, around 7:30 or whenever we can wrangle everyone, our resident runner's the Jacuzzi Boys Athletic Club will lead a bit of a warm up run. Sure, there are a couple of those guys that have very special routines, so they'll be off doing that. 

But, for the rest of us mortal beings, we'll be cruising around having fun. 

THE RUN/THE COURSE. (see below for map)
Then, at 8:30, once those hammys are good and stretched out, we will kick off the "race." It's a pretty simple course. The start will happen one block East of our shop on 18th, heading North. Racers, Runners, Fun Time Party-ers will blast off and head towards the end of 18th. You can't get lost because the road casually drifts left at the end.  

Volunteers will be standing by to insure you make the turn. 

Turn Left. 

Head back on 19th and the finish line will be directly in front of the Athletic. Along with all your adoring fans to cheer you on. 

Aren't tacos the best? Well, our friend Kim from The Commissary Cafe has put together a little menu of tacos (yes, vegetarian options will be available) to help cleanse your palate of the run that you just did. Or the run you just witnessed. 

They will be 3 for $5 and will come in a little paper tray and will have plenty of topping options. At least that's what we believe at this moment. 

Breakside Beer will be available to the adults in the room. We heard that there are some local sporty teenagers that are coming out to run. They will not be allowed beers even if they win! 

There will be some prizes. There will be some hi-fives. And then we'll try to figure out when and how to do the next one and with what food item. LOL. 


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