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The 2015 PDW Omnium


The Portland Design Works Omnium could now be considered a staple in the Portland track racing scene. Our good friend and Team Wooly Mammoth cohort Clint Culpepper has put on this glorious root beer filled roundabout rumpus for going on four years. Combine that with some photos from Jake 'Papa' Tong and you've got yourself a recipe for root beer disaster — that is if Jake's own papa would let him have a glass. Our Papa Tong runs a cycling based website The Wolf's Mouth Cycling and gloriously contributed to making this post what it is. He also sent through a short list of what his day consisted of while heading to and fro Alpenrose Velodrome. Did we mention there was free root beer? 

If you have ever wondered what life was like as tatto-er - cat lover - weed ingest-er - Jake Tong. His photos are maybe a window into his soul. Or the souls that he has reaped in a Mortal Kombat style "Finish Him" swipe of the camera button. Orrrr maybe they're just great cycling photos documenting a scene in Portland and beyond. All we know is The Beard and Cole were on hand to represent TWM and Lara and Chris Kessler have been hi-fived many times over! 

Here is how Jake's day played out in his words: 

-Go to track (smoke a bowl on the way there)

-Side hug Jocelyn

-See the many shiny happy faces of friends

-Listen to girls talk about Penner's glorious beard (see below)

-Climb sketchy ladder to take photos on top of announcer's booth

-Decline Clint's offer of root beer float cause my Dad says I'm fat (averts eyes from Clint's Donut Friend shirt)

-Hi-five both Kesslers

-Listen to Taylor Swift on the way to work to make tattoos

In any case, thanks to Jake Tong from The Wolf's Mouth Cycling for sending through some sweet shots to post up and for continuing to support the local scene. Check out the rest of the photos from this set and more over at his site » The Wolf's Mouth Cycling. If you're in the area there is a ride out to the track to watch a couple Juniors try to break the Alpenrose Hour Record this Saturday. Details can be found here » Obra.org. And an extra special thanks to Penner's Beard for being glorious and entertaining folks on its own.

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