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Meet the Team: Ultra Violet Racing

Meet the Team:  Ultra Violet Racing

We’ve got so many badass lady crews in our community and we’re super lucky that we get to collaborate with so many of them! We’re stoked to announce that this year we’re coordinating some major #sockdoping with Ultra Violet Racing, a women’s racing team based in Austin, Texas. We definitely suggest giving these ladies a follow, if you aren’t already familiar with them, for bike life inspiration. From spicy Sunday Bande De Filles rides to races across all distances and terrains, you’re going to have all the motivation you need to hop on the bike this summer and get after the miles! Meet the team:

Name: Kendall Jackson
IG Handle: @likethewine9
Nickname: Kenny, KJ, K-Jax
Favorite Color(s): Dark grey. I'm from Portland!
Unexpected or Funny Fact: I'm a closet Broadway musical fan. Please don't tell anyone, I've got street cred to preserve. (Sorry lady, secrets out! Our bet is that you aren’t alone!)

Name: Jolene Holland Neve
IG Handle: @joleneholland
Nickname: Jo or Jojo
Favorite Color(s): Yellow & Green forever!
Unexpected or Funny Fact: I started riding a bike for the first time when I was living in Chicago because it was too damn cold waiting for the train on the windy AF platform.

Name: Chrissie Smolders
IG Handle: @chrissiemargreet
Nickname: Just Chrissie
Favorite Color(s): All shades of blue
Unexpected or Funny Fact: I am a born and bred Dutch gal but 95% accent-less, so aside from me being 6'2" you'd never tell!

Name: Lauren Jones
IG Handle: @lowe_alexis
Nickname: Lowe; LoJo
Favorite color(s): sky blues; water blues; blueprint blues
Unexpected or Funny Fact: I biked and camped the French coastline—without a tent. One night, I woke to a family of hedgehogs who had come to snuggle me under the stars!

Name: Leila Kasprzyk
IG Handle: @410chick
Nickname: Sparky or Special K
Favorite Color: Grey or purple, depending on my mood
Funny fact: Not allowed on many amusement park rides

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