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Stay Wild Version Two

Early last month the renowned free action magazine Stay Wild threw a little party at the Snowpeak store in NW Portland for the launch of their Summer Issue. This is the second issue that they have put out and another fine creation from the brain of Justin 'Scrappers' Morrison. We popped in to check out the new issue, slam a few kombucha drinks (yes, that really happened) and peruse the fineries at not only the Snowpeak store (there are many) but from within the Stay Wild Summer Issue itself. 

Pretty cool to see some of the actual printed pieces come to life. With each story in the issue there were a number of actual props that were living on the back wall of the Snowpeak store. That, and Scrappers himself was wearing one of the Hawaiian shirts that he reviewed as he danced from one group of party goers to the next. Your real, in life guide to "staying wild," he is the ultimate party host. Not only does he greet everyone with a welcoming smile and a big hug, there is a good chance that he is going to try and talk you into living out your adventures sometime soon — and then maybe writing, illustrating or shooting photos of them as they happen. He does have a magazine to run, after all. 


The Athletic x Stay Wild Yellow V2 socks for your feet!


We weren't able to pull off these beauties in time for the party, but they are here now and we are just as proud of them as we would be had they made it out for the night. In fact, they are definitely made for the night out, so they would have done us proud. The colors were switched around a bit, as you can see, but the sock and design itself remains the same. Brighten your life with some yellow socks, that's what we always say. 

The issue itself is jam packed with some goodness as well. We have a few shots of some of the pages to get you salivating, so pick one up at your local retailer (See See Motor Coffee Co has them if you are here in Portland). The new issue will come with every pair of yellow V2 socks ordered. 

Other things to look out for? 

- The Athletic Ad - Scrappers did a great job of not only aligning us with another sweet Portland brand Red Clouds Collective but also on the page opposite a sweet MTB story. 

- Lady Adventures - 25 Random Things That Are Awesome About Florida. Did not know that there were this many, but from the looks of it, these ladies have them all on lock. 

- Juggalo Family Portraits - this one you kind of have to see to believe. The book was on hand at the party to peruse, but the few photos that appear in Stay Wild are more than enough to entice. I'm not saying this doesn't look like the weirdest family portrait you've ever seen, but then maybe again I am. 

Now, that is just a short smattering of what lies within. Seriously, go out and find one of these magazines so that Scrappers can continue doing his thing. Also, I don't know if anyone told this lady when they were shooting photos, but there is a cactus right near her naked butt, that is definitely not safe. Watch out for your butt, lady. 

Watch out girl so you don't get cactus butt!

Watch out girl so you don't get cactus butt!

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