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Squid Squad

Squid Squad

by Jeremy Dunn 
above photo by Toshiki Sato

We've been supporting the Squid CX bike racing team for as long as I can remember. Ok, maybe it's not that long, but it feels like a long time. In the few years that they have been around their ascension into the cyclocrossphere has been at rocket-ship level speed.

Emily, Anthony, Sammi, and Chris are the crew that dreams are made of. Handsome? Surely. Fast? Undoubtedly. Great with travel and painting frames and making sure that everyone has a good time? They've got that too. Really cool and fun to hang out with outside the bike world? That's where they absolutely outshine the competition. Plus, they really really like our socks. If you follow Sammi on Instagram @aunicornvomited you'll already know that she's been rocking our socks before we came on board officially (what?! we're on the skinsuit!)

"New sock day is almost as good as new bike day. Almost." 
- E. Kachorek. 
(We'll take it.) 

Photos by Toshiki Sato 
Socks - Triple Double Black and White (back in stock!) 

What's really loveable about this crew though, is their approach to this whole bike racing thing. Not only are they the nicest folks, but the way that they tackle the actual racing catalog is downright refreshing. Do they do some of the tried and true bike races out there? Of course, but, it's all the other ones that they seek out that set them apart. They're willing to go check out races in the middle of nowhere in Japan or jumble all their gear together and head off to China. The point is, these cats are up for an adventure, and that's cool. 

Also, let's not forget that two of their riders - Anthony and Sammi - were on the Worlds team this year. The UCI Cyclocross World Championships! For a scrappy little team, this is YUGE! So big. You don't even know. 

Plus, if you're a fan of Emily Kachorek, founder, mentor, coach and all-around badass rider for Squid, you'll be as excited as we were to see her in the newest collection of videos for SRAM etap AXS. In fact, the Orbit film was launched today and features Emily in our our Triple Double socks. 


This is all just to say, props to the biggest little cyclocross program out there! 

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