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Sneak of the Week: Nike Air Max 1 Ultra Moire

Sneak of the Week: Nike Air Max 1 Ultra Moire

It is almost National Air Max day, so I guess that means that we should revisit one of my personal favorite shoes. Well, if we are to be fair, I lean a bit more towards the Air Max 90 end of things, but ever since camp lunar started getting involved with the Max crowd, I've been coming around. The Air Max 1 Ultra Moire though may be the one to convince me I need more 1's in my life. Like that's really what any one needs?

The One Before the 1. 
If you're wondering what we mean by National Air Max day, take a look at the video below. For the past couple years (at least last year for sure) Nike have been using Air Max's birthday to release hot new sneakers in that line. Last year it was a re-issue of the 1 with some fancy new colors added to it, looked pretty fresh. Seems like this year they have something entirely new up their pant sleeves, though at this point no one is telling. 

SIDE NOTE: My friend Mike and I (he's the first one that sent me this video) were lamenting the fact that there is quite literally no where to get these shoes in Portland, you know, where they were invented. Seems a bit odd doesn't it? Can't even drive out to the ol HQ and stand in line, because there would be no where to stand in line. 

UPDATE: Minutes after this post Nike launched the newest addition to the Air Max family. The Air Max Zero. And apparently they will be available right there, so I guess I should shut my mouth.

In any case, let's not lose focus on what we are trying to talk about — the Ultra Moire. Why do I like this shoe? Well, it is pretty easy to see, because it is likable. They are not a super exclusive, hard to find, crazy color way shoe and I think that is part of the appeal. I'm not as impulsive as I seem, really. So, it takes me a couple weeks to narrow down my sneaker purchases — stick it in your shopping cart online, think about it, see someone wearing them around, go back to that shopping cart, see someone else cooler wearing them and then I think I'm finally ready to part with my $110 dollars. It is a far cry from trying them on at the mall, leaving the store and walking around and then coming back for them later — but it has elements of that effect. 

- They are black and white. Not sure why, but I'm leaning towards this color palate these days. Julie just got a pair of dunks that are black and white (see? someone cooler wears them and I want them) and now I've got my eye out for a pair of black and white dunks too. 

Clean Up Your Act  
- The material that they are made of is pretty tech. Like future tech. And while at first I thought this was a weird thing that I wasn't in to, but then I thought back to my standout favorite pair of Air Max's from last year - Premium Tape - and the one thing that blew me away about them. They're so easy to clean. And who doesn't love being able to have clean kicks easily? Mike (same guy that sent the link) turned me on to the Jason Markk Wipes last year. 

- Multiple colors that all look good. It really was a test when standing there trying to decide. The orange ones would look so good with those Richard Sachs socks. The blue ones are almost a dead ringer for the Elevation Socks of earlier this winter and the red and white ones just look so classic. 

Bright is Right 
- Not only does the texture look good on these sneaks, but their is reflectivity built into the exterior of the shoe. Not only could you ride your bike at night with these and they would pop, but once you hit the club your fancy footwork would be on fire (as per usual). 

- I'm curious to see how this material ages. Maybe it will have a nice yellow patina to it sometime in the next 25 years, but I'm guessing that they will last a bit longer. The material does seem a little stiffer than usual, but so did the Premium Tapes and I ended up loving those. 

- We don't really have a black and white sock for these. The Julie K Collection ones in Merino would work really well, but those are almost gone. I guess the only thing to be said on that front, is keep them fresh for another couple weeks and maybe we'll be able to fix that problem. 


All in all. Stoked on this evolution of the Air Max series and more than a little curious to see what happens next week for unveiling. Make sure you check out the other weird versions of the Ultra Moire on SneakerNews. The actual Nike Air Max site is worth a perusal as well. If for nothing else than to see how they a) are using pegboard to shoot their photos with rad Air Max bubbles around them and b) to see...well, I guess just that. 

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