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Sneak of the Week: Adidas Crazylight Boost Primeknit

Sneak of the Week: Adidas Crazylight Boost Primeknit

The NBA trade deadline is almost over. And DeAndre Jordan has decided to stay with the Clippers. That means that my faith in the Pro Basketball powers that be have been restored. I wasn't sure how much more my little heart could handle, but the fact that he's staying means there is hope. However, let us be clear that this does in no way effect my want to play the actual game. That, coupled with a few new shoe releases over the summer make the Adidas Crazylight Boost Primeknit hot property. Plus, look at that color! 

It seems as though the only available color at the moment is the blue that has been famously worn by Rookie of the Year Andrew Wiggins. Although the ones that they made special for his ROY award look pretty crazy as well » ALL THE COLORS! The are just your regular ol' run of the mill eye burning yellow. Personally, I was stoked on them because they match our ATHL Sport Sock so well. But, that wasn't the only reason that I'm into this shoe. The color, the fit, and more than anything the weight. 

- Crazylight Boost: The crazylight name is no joke. These are far and away the lightest basketball shoes that I've ever played in. They look light, they feel light and when you put them on your feet they play light. What does that mean "play light." Well, they are quick and responsive and I didn't feel like they were clunky or holding me down. What every runner that also plays basketball is looking for - a low top shoe that is almost a running shoe, but more stable for something like playing basketball. 
- Snug built in neoprene like sock that makes the majority of the upper. It feels good on the foot and there was none of the braking in period that comes with a lot of the stiffer, leather shoes these days. 
- The color! No one else has a shoe this bright, especially all over. Plus, what little accents are in there are white, like, white prime knit threads throughout that make the shoe look even lighter. 
- The grip on the bottom of the shoe, is amazing indoor. 
- Black speckle! The very same that won me over with the D Lillard — still into it. 
-Primeknit! It's an arms race at this point. 

- the laces are a mix between a round and flat lace, if that makes any sense, and it isn't just cotton, they are a little "slippy" (technical term) and come undone quickly. 
- the grip on the bottom of the shoe is amazing INDOOR. However, I could see this as wearing down relatively quickly outside on a rougher surface. 
- Now this is a weird one, but the upper of the shoe moves a lot, so when you do that crazy juke move that you're known for, prepare to feel a little like you're coming out the side of your shoe - for a moment. It's not bad, but because the upper is so soft, it does happen. 

Not a lot of real minus' to this shoe. All in all I've had a blast playing in these. You know those shoes where you can't help looking at them all the time? I know that some of you sneaker heads know what I'm talking about. Plus, they have the added bonus of being eye catching to everyone else as well, there were more than a few "what the hell are those!" when I had the opportunity to break them out. 

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