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Quick Clips: Cross Vegas

Quick Clips: Cross Vegas

Sam has been keeping it real with the Quick Clips already this season. Here you thought that was a place to go to get your hair cut really fast. Wrong. It's a video series that we are just starting to realize. Like a podcast that no one listens to. Well, this isn't that. Also, if you want to see his full edit of the night, just follow the link » HERE

Speaking of which, Cross Vegas was it's usual spectacle of racing. Fast and furious and its wide straights lined with industry lifers vying for a piece of the action. With 16 (count em) Americans in the mix, it's easy to see why the excitement was high. Pauwels was there. Of course the World Champ was there (after spending some time at SRAM all week??) and that's just to talk about the men. The Women's race was out-of-control with Sophie de Boer taking it to the line with animal like scream for the victory! 

Short Thoughts on CX Vegas (no particular order): 
1) Where is everyone? And by that I mean fans. Maybe they were waiting for round two of the World Cup to take place in Iowa the next week. 
2) Damn this current world champ is fast. Someone said after the race that it was cool that we got to see someone burn some of the matches that they're usually just holding onto for the entirety of the race. 
3) Katerina Nash is the best! Like, really the best. 
4) Steven Hyde off the front! Steven Hyde off the front! 
5) "Where did Assos dig that skinsuit up for Jonathan Page? 1992?" 
6) I think Timmerman just rode the sand. He probably rode the sand. He would do that. 

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