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PDX Trophy Cup 2019

PDX Trophy Cup 2019

The Portland Trophy Cup has been rolling for a couple of weeks already. Where have you been? Thankfully we've got Christopher from Broken & Coastal (America's best independent cycling publication) sent through some photos for your enjoyment. Also, check out his video from the first race at the bottom of the post. 

The Breadwinner Cycles team has likely taken over the mantle of fiercest local race squad. We held onto it for as long as we could, but injury, babies, and well, putting on this race have taken precedent and caused a dent in our onslaught. Thankfully Anthony and Cole have continued to fly the flag. Don't worry, we'll be back, or maybe we'll just be out there riding and cheering. Either way, our spirits are high. 

The joy for us here at the Athletic Community is attending local races and playing "spot our socks" with whichever poor soul happens to be standing nearby. "There's one! Look there! Molly's rocking them. Lucas has them on. Even the Breadwinner team seem fully invested!" 

Keep up the good work Clint and crew! 

Also, if you note a change in the graphics package that is PDX Trophy Cup 2019 we will give you the Eagle Eye award that only goes to the sharpest of spotters. Casey Robertson stepped in for the win this time around, combining his love for Trophy's with his love for cyclocross racing series. It's a thing. He crushed it, especially the foam fingers. 

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