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PDX Trophy Cup 2017 - Round 3

PDX Trophy Cup 2017 - Round 3

We're back out here at the PDX Trophy Cup and the tamales are still amazing. In case you were wondering. After a little bit of moisture over the past couple weeks, the course have just been getting better. At least that's what they say, and who the hell are they? Thankfully, this is a great spot to watch some (crashing) racing, and see friends, drink a beer, try to take some photos, and all on a Tuesday night. So, let's see. What was interesting about last night? 

1. Weaver had a cool new Crux with crazy graphics and a little "sparky" decal. Turns out the good folks at Specialized have started to embrace their inner green. But, who am I kidding really, they made these decals for Dave G. over at River City a while ago. They're great. Plus, he just looks cool in that Transmission A Logo Cap. Everyone knows you just keep the tags on, that's how the cool kids wear them. 

2. Abby shredded the Women's field. She was 2nd overall and looked amazing down the homestretch. Which of course she always does. For someone with a waning interest in racing, she's got a fire on the course that we could all learn from. She raced this past weekend in the Rapha Prestige. Started first and finished last. She's not ashamed of that, she will tell you, because she was prepared and had more snacks than you can even imagine. Oh we can imagine. 

3. The Poler CX team has new bikes. And new kits. And Greg made it for a couple laps. This team is starting to come around. Watch out for them. Plus, when Ryan wants to, Ryan bunny hops barriers. Especially if you sort of get in his way, indirectly implying that he won't be able to make it over the barriers. Then he definitely will. Sorry About Your Confidence. Apparently not their problem. Which is kind of true. 

4. I accidentally made Jose miss the shot last night. Kyle had been jumping the barriers, to much aplomb, every time around the course and he was all set up to get the shot. And then goofy ol me shows up and ruins the whole thing by talking to him about endurance trail running races. Which are pretty cool. In any case, he's got some amazing PDX Trophy Cup photos going on over HERE

5. New team kit is here and looks awesome. We did a little fade with a big tiger. Which is basically the team motto from here on out. Leland was repping that fade before the start while his dog King George wandered around looking all stately. Castelli made them once again and they look sleek and that's mostly the point. 

The Athletic Black Cotton Velcro Enhanced Cotton Cap 

6. New bag day directly follows new kit day. Or the other way around. We made some duffle bags with Portland based company North St. Bags. They have a cool lightning bolt pattern on them printed in a black on black colorway. They're also large enough to fit all your cyclocross goods in one spot (x-pac interior simultaneously prevents and contains moisture - you choose). You can graciously fit all your cyclocross goods AND a basketball if you so choose. Plus, as you will notice there are a few patches that have been dispatched out over the bag. How does that happen? Well, there is a nice velcro strip on the exterior of the bag to let you swap out patches as you choose. Good times. 

7. The lights! Racing under the lights is amazing and difficult, because it also implies that you're racing - NOT under the lights - at some point on the course. This can be tricky and painful to some, but remember, our course Director Clint is doing all this for your benefit. Because you will benefit from learning new things. Cyclocross course or not. 


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