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Oregon State Championships with Benson Tech

Oregon State Championships with Benson Tech

by Jeremy Dunn

A few weeks back we attended the finals of the Oregon State Basketball Championships out at Portland University campus. The Benson Tech Techmen Girls Basketball program (I'll let you figure that one out) rallied to trounce Southridge High School, home to Cameron Brink (Steph Curry's God Daughter and number 2 Hight School Basketball Player in the country). 

I had a roll of black and white film that I've been testing out with a new to me camera that I found at Goodwill, so you never know what you're going to get. But, with a flash (one of the ladies was like "that was a real flash after I captured her on the floor after the game) I was more than stoked. 

We have another connection to this team as well, they practice right before our Tuesday night pickup game and the rest of the crew was stoked to hear that not only had Benson won the State Title (for the first time) but that these were the young ladies that we had seen practicing week in and week out. 

Not only that, but a couple of the Seniors have already committed to Division 1 programs including Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles. 

The Benson Tech Coach - Eric Knox - is known for not only his tough coaching prowess but also his suits and the Saturday Night finals game was no different. Polka dots in every imaginable color adorned the entirety of his suit and seemed to give him an explosive edge to whatever he was doing and saying. 

Side Note: the number of dope custom lettermen jackets was out of control. You can see the "Hustle - N - Desire, You Wish You Had It" jacket here. But, that wasn't the only one, it was just the nicest one near us — and apparently, this lady ran track, played Volleyball and basketball and was also on the cheer squad. That's dedication!

Congratulations to the ladies of Benson Tech!

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