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Opening Night

Photos by Dylan VanWeelden 

Photos by Dylan VanWeelden 

 It is safe to say that we are still reeling from the other night. Thank you to everyone who came out to help us with what we were calling the Triple Threat. Not only was this our shop opening, but we used the evening to do the awards presentation for the PDX Trophy Cup cyclocross series and as a venue for Chris King to launch their newly formed cyclocross team.  

mmm Sour Apples and cheese. 

mmm Sour Apples and cheese. 

I have to say, this was one of the main goals — to have a gathering space —  when we started thinking about what this place would be,  and it fulfilled it to a t. And I don't think that we could even imagine that it would be so well received.  

We were lying in bed the night before the opening and Julie says to me - "You know, you can have the best business idea in the world, but if you don't have a bunch of cool friends to help you pull it off - it's not going to work." I'm going to just operate off that for as long as I can. 

Hours before the party we were still putting up shelves for the speaker and hanging t-shirts and just generally making the space ready for a bunch of drinking and tom-foolery. Tom was definitely there that night. With the help of Ross from Atlas Sodaworks and the always ready and willing Chris DiMinno of Chris King - we were totally covered in the food and drink department. Plus, Gigantic Brewing Company - one of the sponsors of the PDX Trophy Cup stepped in to make sure that none of the beer mongers in the room went thirsty. 

From there, our main man Clint Culpepper took over the mic to make sure that each and every category from the Trophy Cup was taken care of (we covered their feet of course) and we all hi-fived our way through the awards ceremony. Big Props to Peter Rubijono for taking the top step in the Single Speed category - and also holding it down in the hawaiian shirt / coconut drinking vessel department, if that is one. The cool thing about the awards — and it's almost like we planned it this way — we have a podium! We have a big painting of our logo on the wall! It's all real. 

The story just becomes more interconnected. 

Leland Gilmore - he was 2nd overall in the Men's A category - helped us build out almost the entirety of our space. In fact, he was the one installing shelves for the SONOS system hours before the party. That really happened. However, two weeks ago, when we were trying to fill the space we called upon Leland - who had already built that crazy sock wall behind the front counter - with this idea to build a coffee table that was part display and part podium. And you know what? He did it! Make sure you come in and see that - maybe we will even let you stand on the top step? Plus, if you see anything wooden in the space - from the table in the entry way - to my desk in the back of the space - to even the refinishing of the front counter - it was all he and his crew over at Urban Timberworks. 

And the paint work? That was done by Caitlin Lomen (also in the days leading up to the opening) she works at Chris King during the day (see? interconnected) and makes rad artwork happen at night. Sometimes on her fingernails, sometimes on walls or doors or wherever it is needed. 

What else happened? 

- We drank four of the really large bottles of Bulleit Bourbon. Like, the big ones - earning our pal David Wilcox the nickname "Whiskey Wilcox" - more on that later. 

- Not only did Pete Smith of Mad Alchemy come out - but so did Aaron and Liz from Mosaic Cycles. All the way from good ol' Boulder, Colorado. Ok, so maybe it was for the cx race the next day, but let us pretend. They did however, bring up the idea of a "small amateur team showdown" sometime in the near future. So there's that. 

- SONOS helped us bump our way well into the night. Holy hell those things sound sweet! And the added bonus of our space being in a former Paramount Pictures storage facility is that no one can hear it from the outside. 

- Russ from VeloCult brought more whiskey. Whoof, that was needed. 

- The Chris King Cyclocross team launched and the bike looked totally awesome up there on our stage, especially with Josh Kelley taking the overall series win in the PDX Trophy Cup. 

- People bought socks! We launched the new REDRUM socks the day before and people who came where actually there to get them. This is what makes the shop keep turning I guess, so thanks for that! 

- Papa Tong of the Wolf's Mouth Cycling was there to shoot some photos. Which he is wont to do, and do well. He might also encourage antics and he definitely handed me a small packet of something that looks to be a "good luck pouch" filled with $2.02. 

And that was pretty much it... well, that was kind of a lot and there was a jump rope competition as well, some girl who was walking past the store while it was happening won. Weird? In any case I know that I'm going to forget someone who was totally integral in making all this happen, but know that I love you just the same. I'm just forgetful. 

Massive thanks to everyone (Max, Megan, CK, CD, Jason DiStefano, Heenans, Dan and Nathalie, Cole, Clint, Simon, Igleheart, Rubi, Potestio and on and on) for the support and coming out to make the night a total blast. 

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