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One Mile to the Finish!

One Mile to the Finish!

Photos by Dylan VanWeelden

The Slabtown Mile was an experiment. And if we were pressed for an answer we'd say a pretty successful one. People came out and conquered their fears of sprinting over wet city streets at night. In fact, it might even be worth noting that it seemed (at least from our perspective) that people enjoyed themselves. 

The format was simple enough. A one mile race over open city streets. Just try not to die (just kidding we weren't going to let that happen, we had taken precautions). We utilized the two closest one way streets nearby to end directly in front of the shop, because we couldn't imagine a race ending anywhere else. And it allowed all of our loyal fans, spectators, wives, husbands and friends to cheer for their favorites. 

Of course we did a little warm up run through the streets too. Because how brutal would that be to just get together and start racing? Very brutal is the answer. Even if you're a Beast Master like Manny who not only raced on Friday night but also led out a ride on bicycles earlier in the day. Non stop that one. 

The winning time came in at 4:33, not too shabby for a Street Meet. For a mile run while keeping an eye not only on your competition, but also the traffic. Not a big deal if you ask us. There were also a couple of local high school milers that jammed out and that was pretty cool too. 

Apparently they qualified for the upcoming Nike Border Clash! event being held this coming weekend. It's a high school cross country meet where the best runners from both Oregon and Washington face off in a new fashion. The respective state representatives run directly towards each other before turning onto the course at the border. Sounds pretty cool to us. We like things that put the tired models into question. 

Doesn't get much better than that for a Friday night does it? 

Unless of course you add in another element. In this case that element would have to be food and drink. The Commissary Cafe, our neighbors to the South came through with some fancy and delicious tacos for that post race snack and Breakside Brewery Beer was on hand to wash it all down. Get that post race taste out your mouth! 

We wanted to mix it up after the Gyoza Run a little while back. Just keep things interesting and delicious. So, what will be the next food pairing? We tried to get some Corn Dogs up in this piece, but that didn't happen. So, if you know of a Corn Dog Truck roaming the streets of Portland, we need you here. Tamales? Pizza? Anything could happen. 

Julie has already claimed that we're doing another Mile before Christmas, so get your Kringle on lock. 

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