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New Colors

#NOTCOOL actually

#NOTCOOL actually

Accidents happen. We all know that, do we not? But, when they happen to your friends, well, that is another story. Maybe a story for another time actually. But, we wouldn't be a "team" if we didn't band together to help our friends in need. In this case — Patrick Ultratradition Newell. Fear not, the cast has come and gone and so has our worry that he wouldn't be race ready come springtime. 

Which brings us to the real reason behind this glorious cast-on-carpet "photoshooting." The new pink colourway of the Wooly Mammoth Team Sock. "Mexico Olympics" is one of its nicknames. I think with just a tiny bit of perusing you can see why. We pulled this sock together first to help our interstellar brothers and sisters celebrate the RGR LA, but then decided that they were just too #COOL to not offer to the rest of the world. Since cool is transferable and all. 

"Go with god," the black rattlesnake said, surreptitiously. 

"Go with god," the black rattlesnake said, surreptitiously. 

It is a little known fact that the Team Wooly Mammoth was the first clan to write the word "COOL" with an "#" in front of it onto cave walls. Which basically led to them being the first to tweet it, which coincided directly with the first "hashmark" on instagram. Ok, I guess it is not a fact, being that we cannot prove they were the first to curl fingers around spent charcoal and use them as a device for the written word. So, there's that. 


There is also another exciting coloured sock that is coming your way on this day. Fortunately, or unfortunately we did not have it during the time of the cast, so Patrick was unable to provide his modeling services to us at the time. La Cubiste gets an update to its current form with new colors — Rhodamine / Celeste / Gray. And for those of you that have asked, the Blue / Bright Yellow versions will be back in stock shortly. Plus, if rumors prove to be true - there may be a couple other colors following closely in the pipeline. It is going to be a good springtime for La Cubiste. 

Now, if only we could find some kicks to make the Rhodamine pop, we would be all set.... anyone? Cycling, sneakers, anything?

Now here's a fun one for you. Speaking of our Wooly's — it seems that our other brother in arms — the Chubby Bobcat himself has graced the internet pages of another upstart cycling/camaraderie brand. Team Dream Bicycle Team have been known to make some kick ass shirts, kits and all the trappings that go with them. So, to have Sir Bene himself modeling for them is a step in the right direction. Although I am a little surprised that he chose to wear pants for this shoot. 

Team Dream Team Chubby Bobcat T-Shirt - $22 

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