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NAHBS: A Look Back and Forward.

NAHBS 2012 starring Jen Abercrombie
It certainly is if you're with all these cats. Hot-tubs (who here remembers the Hottub Club, someone must?) bourbon, karaoke, probably some other illicit drugs, anything can happen. Anyway, I've officially saved all of the photos from last years NAHBS until the night before the big dance. That way everyone can see what really went down. It wasn't that exciting... or was it? Don't you hate when people speak like that? It's like saying, or typing the words "I'm not supposed to be telling you this." It just sounds annoying and like you're trying to ponce up something that deserves no ponce.

Who's going to buy a new bike?
-Prolly usually fills this void quite quickly so that we all don't have to. But we should.
- Jen's Cx bike will be on display somewhere? (I'm just hoping with this one.)
- Can you be from Portland and buy a bike from someplace else and not piss everyone off?
- Can you buy a bike from Portland and piss everyone off?
(Ps - I'm buying a new Fuji Roadmaster)
(pps - that's a lie)

Will there finally be some cute girls at a bike show?
- things have been getting better and better with every year. Last year being the best (see above) but with Austin giving it a run for its money based solely on proximity.
- I already know of a few cute girls that will be here.
- John Prolly and Brian Vernor are throwing a party which pretty much sends it over the top.

What is going to be the show stopper of the year?
- Everyone is already talking about Breadwinner & Argonaut. Portland takeover part 2?
- There is no denying that Alchemy has a new and exciting crew behind them.
- Mosaic. Mosaic. Love these guys. If there ever was a Portland takeover there is going to be a Colorado revolution. Also, I have the tiniest of shop visits with them that I keep meaning to revisit. They shred bikes as well as make them. (Actually everyone mentioned in this section does just that.)

Can the Chris King crew step up their game any more? 
- Color headset cap's on a leather lanyard for builders to utilize. NBD.
- The FREEDOM PARTY. Shit got real this year.
- Coverage of local builders who use their stuff.. Chris King Buzz on Argonaut.
-The Tanner Bike and then some really awesome looking Cielos.

Will this be the year that everyone throws a party outside the show? 
- Can you believe we aren't paying for this shit?
- Which one will make his head explode?
- Who's getting punched in the face?

We teamed up with Pearl Velo. Remember Tyler? That awesome shop? Well, they have opened their doors and made some space to hang photos and artwork and all kinds of fun stuff. I've got some things in it. Prolly does and so does Vernor and Dustin Klein (from Cadence Clothing). Also Bo Bickerstaff who took some photos of ex-con's and their bikes too. It is going to be an extravaganza to say the least.

Brian Vernor made a book with Argonaut. Part catalog, part long ride coverage. Very excited about seeing this. Love his work and I love that Argonaut is putting it out there and mixing it up a bit but still sticking to a traditional format. People love to take things away from these shows and just knowing that I need to get one of these sets me up for a nice scavenger hunt on the weekend.

Whew, and that is just the start of it all. However, it turns out that is all we have time for (see what I did there) The other one to check out (with your exhibitor badge or media pass) is the Alchemy hosted live presentation of Smoked Out - Richard Sach's longform online interview piece. I'm sad to be missing this one due to the Outside Is Free-ness going on as this is going to be fantastic and with some fantastic hosts.

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