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Legends Looks

Legends Looks

The Legends Collection has been out for a little while now. Our tribute to just a few of our favorites. Running. Cycling. Basketball. Tennis Anyone? Garrett Chow did the original drawings as a mural in our Retail Store. It is up there yet today for you to check out when you swing through. 

Everyone has a different way to style their clothing. Some like it loose and free, while others prefer a more form fitting situation. Our friend Prince? Well, he's just cool. And that Chari & Co. Human Climber cap sets it off, if you ask us. Also, his look into the future is pretty spot on. So, we got with Prince and Stella, Johan and Mary and had them show off their legendary styles. 

Garrett and Julie chose the threads. They're super soft and the sweatshirts are just like you'd expect. Something that you'd steal from your parents drawers. Remember when it was cool to do that and they always had the softest, perfectly worn items. Well, these are those items, right down to the perfectly cracking logos that were printed on the inside of the sweatshirts. 

Take a look...






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