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La Cubiste Refresh

"They are here, they are here." This is what we run around the shop shouting at each other every time a new sock rolls into the shop. It annoys the hell out of our normally patient UPS driver. The new collection of La Cubiste have landed and it is an explosion of color in our offices. One of the sets looks a little like what we did last time, but we tried hard to work with the available colors to create some new combinations to get people stoked for the spring summer months. Then, we went ahead and paired them with some new shoes that we (read: me) have been picking up lately. 

Cubiste Black and White with the LeBron 12 BHM

The black and white version of La Cubiste is a battle that was hard fought. Julie has ideas about what the Cubiste is, what it stands for, and most importantly, how colorful it should be. Myself on the other hand, I always like to throw in a sock or two that could potentially match everything. Plus, who doesn't like a black and white combination now and again? 

Then there are these LeBron BHM specials. Let's talk about these for a minute. Talk about crazy town. I was in the hunt for something...anything from the Black History Month collection back in February when they came out. So, when these fell into my lap I couldn't resist. Plus, look how high they make me jump. That's a confidence booster right there. When you can go from a 4 inch vertical to about 6, that's big time. 

Cubiste Red/Blue with Wheelhaus & the Adidas Pharrell Superstar

We have been working with Weelhaus for a little while now. Almost a year at this point. We met them around Interbike last year, rapped about the bike industry on a whole, found we had some common interests and then went back about our daily lives. Oh, we did seem them dropping their life savings at a slot machine, but they seemed to come out alright. When they got back to Australia they hit us up to see if they could start to retail our product down under, as they say. Apparently, it was some kind of hit because their little shop suddenly has a big sock wall that includes not only a few of ours but a growing number of Australian socks as well. Turns out they like to party in Australia. 

Word on the street is that the Wheelhaus crew are actually some pretty heavy hitters when it comes to the local group rides as well, so I'm guessing that doesn't hurt anything when it comes to sales. Probably they were seen in the new Night Rider Attaquer kit that, in case you didn't know, was maybe produced by some of the same folks running Wheelhaus. 

The crazy teal color of the Adidas Superstar seemed like the way to go with this one. Sure, it might not match exactly, but you have to admit, it looks pretty good. They had the fattest laces for the jump as well. 

Cubiste with Portland State Cycling & The Jordan 1 Mid 

It only made sense that for our second team up within the Cubiste collection that we would seek out something a little closer to home. The Portland State Cycling program is a force to be reckoned with, we are just going to say that right now. Cole Lalomia is their Head of State over there and he has wrapped more than his fair share of socks for us, so let's just say that he earned it. Plus, he's not so shabby "on the court" either. He brought back a few tales of the road from the Richmond Worlds course last year,  and we have our fingers crossed for some big things this year as well. 

The Jordan Mid? Well, you know how I just said that black and white go with everything? Well, gray goes with everything-er. Something has happened that has drawn us to these taller old school silhouettes. Julie has been rocking some black and white dunks and I couldn't resist the all gray Jordan's. Especially when they  have a little hit of color from the Cubiste peeking out at the top. 

Cubiste Crazy Leggs & Nike Montreal 

Julie picked the color combinations behind this Cubiste and we were all more than stoked to see how they came to life. Jalapeño is the bright green color and Wildberry the purple, combine that with the celeste that we have always been a fan of and you've got something a bit out of the ordinary but still really fucking rad. 

Then, when she saw the Montreal's with the bright side panel worked in she said "ok, this is the one I need to shoot these socks with." Already they have become a shop favorite with everyone here as we explore their ability to match things - or clash in a way that works. 

But, that could probably be said for anything from the Cubiste collection. Which is why we worked so hard to ensure that they came back in a big way for summer 2015. 

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