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Head to Head: Rapha vs ATOC: Stage One

Left Portland for another amazing city, San Francisco. Was lucky enough to get to travel with the Rapha Continental crew. Good dudes. Check that. Pretty fucking great dudes. I have a feeling that you may be seeing more of the Embrocation/Rapha/Good Dudes team-up action.

Just a feeling.

4am: Daniel calls to sing me awake with Eazy-E. It works.
9am: Welcome to San Francisco. Your bike boxes will not fit in a cab.
11:00am: Tacos and burritos sate Daniel, Ira and I.
11:15am Trystan works iphon magic, shows up with van.
12:45pm: In 'n Out Burgers. Shake. No Animal Fries please.
1:30pm: Driving the KOM of Stage One: Tour of Cali Down Bronco!
3:30pm: Put together bike. Show off Embrocation to C. Milliman.
5:30pm: Meeting about ride next day...100+ miles. yikes.
5:32pm: Meet Radio Freddy.
7:30pm: Head to dinner in SF. Italian. Carbo load.
7:35pm: Waitress sees we're rowdy and puts us in back. Way back.
9:30pm: Model Rapha clothes to self and get to bed early.

Check the next days ride here: Velodramatic
I was hidden too deep in the pain cave behind Ira. If Thor (the god of Thunder) had two hammers, they would be this dude's legs. Over the Cattle grates and through the KOM.
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