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Gloucester has come and gone already. How do you measure the success of an event like this? Race results? Maybe, but there is something more to the mythical Gloucester. It has become a benchmark of sorts in the New England race scene and this one didn't disappoint.
There was a party at the Igleheart Ranch once again and we had a man on the grill for hours whilst we stuffed our faces with food and talked about bikes.

Then we broke into Chris Igleheart's shop and modified our shoes.
See above.

The racing itself was fierce. We didn't get the rain that we all prayed for in the weeks leading up to Gloucester, which turned the course into a veritable dirt crit. Both days proved to be a fast bit of racing and when the dust settled Mr. Trebon came out on top with New England's own Tim Johnson right on his heels.

Good work to the Sachs crew as well.
They were throwing left hooks and rights and uppercuts all weekend. Check out J. Spin's hot Edge Wheels too. I just got a batch of their forks that are slated to make an appearance next weekend on the new Embrocation/Cambridge Bicycle Racing Team bikes.

Also wanted to include an image from a few weeks ago.
With the advent of MM Racing with Seven Cycles coming in as a sponsor what did you think would happen. Seven Vegan Cupcakes of course. Which poses the question....

Are Cupcakes the Belgian Frittes of the U.S. Cross scene?

Photo by Pedalpower Photography.
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