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Gimme Gimme Guide: In-Store

Gimme Gimme Guide: In-Store

At this point you will be smugly reading this while thinking about all the gift buying you have already done or you will be like us and madly scrambling around town trying to find the perfect gift for each member of the family. Well, fear not last minute Portland, Oregon, USA shoppers, we have you covered. In our final Gimme-Gimme Guide we take a look at a number of products that are only available in-store. Plus, you can find some of our goods even if you are not in the Portland area. Check out our Stockists page for all the details on that end.  

Holiday Hours
Thursday - December 24th - 11 - 5pm
Friday - December 25th - CLOSED
Saturday and Sunday - December 26th & 27th - 11 - 5pm




For us, the holidays mean a time to be merry and spend some time with friends. That's why this year we invited some our favorite brands to show off their wares in our Portland store. We are calling it The Athletic Holiday Market and it is featuring such brands as Machines For Freedom, 7mesh and Ciele. With select products from each brand the marketplace is a good opportunity to touch, try on and possibly even walk out with some gifts for loved ones or yourself. 




Machines For Freedom is a cycling apparel brand designed and made specifically for the female cyclist. We got to chance meet have a chat with the owner Jen Hannon when she visited Portland for the start of the Leave It On The Road ride down the Oregon & California coast. If you can do a ride like that and also make awesome cycling apparel you are definitely someone we can be friends with. 

You're in luck Ladies as we are stocking almost the entire line of Machines For Freedom bibs, jerseys, vests, and caps. Stylish, high-quality European fabrics make up the jerseys and bibs in conjunction with women specific cuts deliver a better fit for all day cycling comfort. Come find your right fit from the multitude of sizes we have in stock though the holiday. 


7MESH - $250-450:


Coming down from the wild cold north we brought in select 7mesh jackets and jerseys in both men's and women's cuts. A while back we were sent a Revelation (Launch Edition) jacket and we fell in love with the fit, construction, and color (intense!). After a couple meetings with Bobby we had a big box of brilliantly designed and constructed outerwear heading our way for the holiday. 

Because of our initial reaction on the Revolution jacket we knew we had to bring them in to share will all of you, especially that crazy Goldstone color. Along side the hooded jackets we brought in garments geared towards cycling in our winter climate. Resistance jackets for their lightweight versatility, Strategy jackets for a slim fitting softshell and Synergy jerseys for a do-it-all long sleeve.




We had a few of these caps in time for our trail running Gimme Gimme Guide but with some different style and colors out there we brought in a range of products to offer in our Holiday Market. Styles that vary from trucker to camper to a more traditional running cap and colors that vary from monotone to "I've never seen that combination before". Ciele caps are constructed with COOLwick mesh to move moisture off your head and soft flexible brims to bend, tweak, pack how ever you like. 


RINGTAIL - $22-120:


Ringtail products have been with us since the summer but now with the more appropriate jacket and vest weather it could be time to come checkout the offerings from the Los Angeles based brand. With smart construction and bright colors each garment delivers heavily on the fun scale. Featured previously on our cyclocross Gimme Gimme Guide these jackets and vests can be the perfect thing to throw in a back pocket or under your saddle bag when the temp dips. 

For a little more insight into Ringtail and the personalities behind the brand check out the recent interview we did with Sean Talkington, co-creator of Ringtail and creator of Team Dream Bicycling Team. 




Our thinking for these socks was "natural". With merino wool and indigo dye we set forth to create something fun and a bit different than what we had created in the past. Each sock turned out to be a labor of love due to their individual tie-dye style and the amount of work required to affix the dye. Meaning, we washed them a couple times to make sure the dye was set, as they say. We didn't think you would appreciate blue feet. 

Read up on our tie-dye adventure from a while back when we spent some time away in Eastern Oregon with friends. We dyed everything, including rocks. 


SOIGNEUR - ISSUE 00 - $25:


Soigneur Cycling Journal has been around for a while but never entirely in English before. Issue 00 is a culmination of their 14 previous editions all wrapped up into one substantial package. Each article has been hand picked and translated by editors to deliver the best representation of the Dutch magazine to English speaking audiences. With a focus towards the pro peloton and the history of the sport Soigneur deserves a spot on any cyclists coffee table. A favorite article of ours is Mud Wrestlers, which takes a look at some of the bigger names of cyclocross' past through small race day collectables. 




After learning about fika, a Swedish concept for coffee break, we have been a little bit obsessed with these House Industries Velo check cups. Mainly so we can start enforcing it around the office. The cups which are hand crafted in Japan by Hasamiyaki and have a good balance of heaviness and delicacy. You might go as far as creating a system of use for the cups such as, smaller cups for afternoon coffee and larger cups for big breakfast coffee. Whatever you come up with you will be happy knowing you own such a unique and beautiful set of cups. 




Are you a part of the tribe? Do you want to be? Bande de Filles is dedicated to women who overcome challenges and motivate each other in the area of sport and physical exercise. For this project we chose to screen on Jungmaven Raglan Sweaters for their soft natural feel. Bande de Filles sweaters come in two different styles, one is an ombre fade with a reverse fade screen and the other is a black raglan with reflective "Bande de Filles" lettering and lighting bolt on the back. 




Take your #shoesockcombo to the next level by incorporating laces as well. We checked and the #shoesockshoelacecombo could be all yours. We stock high quality rope shoe laces in a multitude of colors and sizes to fit your favorite sneakers. There is even some bonus extra goodie laces available in glow in the dark, elephant skin, galaxy and polka dot. As seen right here are some Nike Internationalist SE with lime green and 3M reflective laces for a bit of extra pop. 


That's it for the Gimme Gimme Guides folks! Over the last 6 weeks we have provided you with gift ideas for the athlete in your life. And if there is one last thing you should remember, everybody loves new socks. The shop is open and waiting for you through the holidays! 

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