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Gimme Gimme Guide: Hiking

Type by Julie Krasniak

We cannot deny that gift guides have become a part of our lexicon. We chose to make one as well this year so that we can not only tell you about some of our in house favorites, but being a fan of shopping in general, the best of the best that we've come across from our competitors and pals alike. Now is a good time to be a fan of cool stuff. We are just going to come right out there and say it.

Our hope with these guides over the next few weeks is that you enjoy a good read or two, and maybe find some cool shit at the same time. If you're out and about and have some cool stuff that we need to see, use the tag #gimmegimmeguide to show us what you're after in the category of the week. We've got hiking, trail running, cycling, and a little bit of basketball planned for the first couple weeks, but you know, we're open to suggestion. 

In our first round we're exploring one of our favorite pastimes, a stroll through the woods, a climb up and out of the gorge, or a scramble along the rocks, that's right, hiking. To us, and many of its other fans it offers a nice bit of respite from the hustle and bustle of city life. Hiking also happens to be a nice break from our usual cycling selves. 

So, take a minute to peruse a little bit of what we have to offer, but moreover what we want. Let the echoes of your younger brothers and sisters longing after their must have toys of the season — "Gimme Gimme!" — rattle through your brain. 


What could be better than a sock that reminds you all the mountains and valleys you just traversed? Maybe a hot cup of coffee at the summit, but we'll get to that later. These fine merino socks will keep toes toasty and won't make your hiking partner gag when you remove kick off the boots due to their antibacterial natural fibers. Hooray! This time around the mountain the Elevation socks come in wasabi green and charcoal. Maybe you can be the first person to 'gram the elusive #MossSockCombo with these delightfully green beauties . Shop Here


Originally created to match our Rhino Running Top & Short the Rhino Bidon does just as well on the trail. Fill them with any of your favorite fluids for trekking around. Good for tap water, river water, rain water, sport drink, apple cider, sun tea, iced coffee, etc. Watch as they change and adapt to their liquidly insides. Flexible glass lining keeps your drinks fresh tasting and not like some nasty plastic.
Shop Here


Layering is key to keeping comfortable and having a good hike here in the Pacific Northwest. These shirts have everything you love about your favorite t-shirt but with extra arm fabric to cover up those forearms when the temperature drips. Available in either grey & Slimer green or high contrast black & white. Shop Here



After you've had enough of your own adventure for the day kick back and pick up an issue of Sidetracked Magazine. This perfectly bound magazine features stories and articles from adventures and explorers around the globe. There is a good mix of different activities to keep any reader interested. Issue Five features fat biking through the Andean mountains of Ecuador, sailing with Liz Clark on a boat named "Swell" and trail running in Scandinavia
Shop Here


If you're going to do a hiking based gift guide you might as well start with the piece that makes it all possible, boots. These retro hiker inspired boots by our Portland neighbor Danner fit the bill perfectly for the weekend adventurer. With their waterproof lining and versatile tread the Jag is equally at home on the trail as they are on the streets. These steel grey / blue wing teal joints are subtle enough to wear everyday but have enough pop from the red lining and outsole to produce a good #shoesockcombo. Shop Here

The classic keyhole design but reinvented and refined by the world of skateboarding and Oakley. The lightweight and comfortable design makes the Latch a perfect companion  on any mountain excursion and not just limited to shredding at the skatepark. Oakley's High Definition Optics will make the trail up ahead visible and distortion free so you can step in confidence. Come check them out in person at the storefront. 
 Shop Here

Some times you just gotta stop and smell the roses, and then if you're stopping you might as well start making a cup of coffee. Thanks to the collapsible pour over from Snow Peak you can be one step closer to always having a cup of joe in your hand at all times. Made from lightweight stainless steel this brewer is able to pack down into a flat little package of coffee goodness. Combine this with one of their GigaPower stoves and you are well on your way to smelling some fresh brew on any summit. Shop Here



Don't worry about going out and finding a Sure Shot of your own. We just want to endorse one our favorite travel buddies, the film point and shoot. These easy to use cameras are with us just about all the time and provide us with some of our favorite captured moments. They are lightweight small in size and can hide away in just about any pocket. Fill it up with your favorite 24 or 36 shot film (we like Portra) and see the amazing results of natural film grain. Find your own at any second hand store, attic, grandma's house or eBay. 




This is another one that you are going to have to do a bit of personal searching for. It's up to you to find the little treats that make you feel as though you can continue on and still be excited for extended amounts of sustained adventure. If you're anything like us and have a bit of a sweet tooth look for things like chocolatey hazelnut butter and fancy organic twizzlers. Not saying it's the most health positive foods out there but they sure taste awesome when you reach your max elevation and lookout upon the wilderness. #snacksattack

So there it is people, our favorite stuff for going out and seeing what the forest, desert, jungle, outback, brush and back country has to offer. Look for more Gimme-Gimme Guides in the coming weeks that each focus on a sport or activity that we think represent our athletic lifestyle. Expect lots of awesome product if you like cycling, basketball, publications, running, or just cool stuff. Prepare yourself to be really good over the next little while in hopes that someone will treat you with a thing or two from us or our pals making other awesome goods. And heck, if that doesn't happen you can always just do some shopping for your own naughty self. 

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