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Gimme Gimme Gift Guide: French Connection

Gimme Gimme Gift Guide: French Connection

It took a year off, but the Gimme Gimme Gift Guide is back in full effect. It may look different, but the feelings are the same. What are the things that you/we want for the holiday season? Turns out that some of them may overlap at times. And just so that you don't get us wrong, "Gimme Gimme" is based on an overarching principle, that if it's something that you want, it is most likely something that would be well received. 

First up, our French Connection. 

Maybe you didn't know that we have a legitimate French Connection going on over here at The Athletic. Probably you did. However, Julie and Charlotte (our amazing design intern) got together to lay out a few gift options from their home country for you. Let's get started with the bleu, blanc, rouge. "Allez les bleus!"

Shoes: Davina Damier Lambskin by Jerome Dreyfuss
price: 450 euros

These shoes are Julie's favorites. She's got a few pair. But really don’t worry you can’t have it - they're only available in France and there are only 2 sizes left. Great. 

Bottles: Tricolor Izoard Bidon (there's only a few of these left)
Price: $25 

We made these bidons (bottles) for the Tour de France this year and they look fantastic and it's safe to say that they were a hit on the slopes of the Izoard. You can check out the story from The Athletic Journal » HERE. 

Virginie Morgand

Print: Les foules - La piscine by VIRGINIE MORGAND
Price: 85 euros (Edition of 100)

There is nothing cooler than a swimming action print by french artist Virginie Morgand. "Inspired by hands-on printing techniques and the things she collects, such as childrens books and collectible toy." It doesn't get more stylish than that.

Tricolor Izoard Sock - $15

Let's keep this French theme alive. Maybe a subscription to Peloton Magazine will do the trick. They tend to provide new and interesting coverage of everyone's favorite French races. But, the Izoard Sock will also help you look the part. 


Footox Sweater by Pablo Dalas
price: 35 euros

In 1998 The French National Soccer team won the World Cup - in France - to my generation it remain as the best day ever - the mascot of the tournament was a smiley little rooster ( COCORICO!) - his name was Footix and we were all fighting over Footix goodies - well, almost 20 years later artist Pablo Dalas made you reconnect with your old friend now going by the name of Footox, for the best and the worst!

Tricolor Izoard Casquette - $35
& National Collection Casquette - $35 

The national colors of France harken back much further than 1998 in this case. But that doesn't mean that they're not still relevant. We've got not one, but two caps that will do the trick in showing off your francophile roots. 

Pepper Grinder by Peugeot
Price: 34 euros

You might not be able to get those sweet Peugeot car in America but you can get a Pepper grinder or MOULIN à Poivre! What a treat. Since you are going to do a lot of cooking you might as well do it with style and it will also be your last pepper grinder you will ever buy. The one in my parents kitchen have been there for 30 years, it’s a guess because it’s as old as I’m and it’s still there in perfect shape.

National Collection Socks - $20 
Featured: Red/White and Blue 

These socks are just as sought after as a Peugeot car in America. No joke. They come in a few different flavors, so depending on your kit palate for the day, you can mix and match. The blue have become quite popular and the red and white are on the rise, new to the collection. 

Opinel No 8 Edition France - By Jeremyville - $39 

We just checked the Opinel site and this collection isn't available yet. Good news. We have it in our shop! So stop on by (or send an email if you really have to have it) and check out the Jeremyville designed Opinel knives. They definitely have the French video to them. 

Zig Zag Socks - Blue and Red - $20 

The new colors of the Zig Zag socks were designed with the Ibis Mojo HDR in mind. Because those new colors that they put out are super cool. Well, the zig zag socks came out super cool too. As you can see they match these Opinel knives rather well. You could even put together a little package with them. Who knew?


So, there you have it. The start of our Gimme Gimme gift guide. Check back, as we've got a few more planned for you to help with this time of the year. When you want, but you can't decide what to give. Well, we're here to help. 

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