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Dan Chabanov's Richard Sachs Cyclocross Team Bike

Earlier today House Industries released the new colors for the Richard Sachs Cyclocross Team bicycles » Out With The Old. Moments later, an email popped up in the ol inbox that said something to the effect of "wanna see my new bike?" from our pal and columnist Dan Chabanov. He also happens to race for the aforementioned team in a very rapid manner. We could hardly type "yes" fast enough and then it was revealed that he would be allowed to share more complete pictures of his bicycles. Behold Thor's Hammer. 

Now, I'm not going to lie, I did like having one of the only black Richard Sachs bicycles around. So, for all of 3 seconds I fought down the red mist that took over the entirety of my vision. But, then I remembered that Dan Chabanov would actually be the one piloting this rig and forgot all about that. 

Before you start drooling over this internet posting, make sure that you go back and read all of Mr. Chabanov's previous columns as he prepares to start his own personal campaign of pain. 

Cross Column: 
Week One - An Introduction
Week Two - Pre Season 
Week Three - First Race Jitters

Then, and only then may you proceed to drool over these photos of this super cool bicycle. There will be a quiz, so get your shit together. The answers are "Wolfs Mouth" "Cinelli" and "RGM Watches" & "Cole Wheels." Write that down. 

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