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Cool Bike: Stinner Frameworks x Mudfoot


Our friend Ty was in town a few weeks ago to test the waters in international competition with his new Stinner Frameworks - Mudfoot bike. I mean, that is what you call it when you step out of the boundaries of USA Cycling, and into OBRA territory right? Anyway, I have been having some camera problems ever since I decided to lie down on my T4 in a creek in Texas last month and I'm not sure why it is so hard to settle on another point and shoot camera (ultimately I took the advice of Jordan Clark Haggard and just trolled ebay for a new T4.) So, I got a few decent close up photos of the bike and another photo of Ty making a face. 

I became aware of Mr. Stinner after speaking to him at the Sacramento NAHBS. Or was it Austin? They blend together at a point. However, he seemed like a fantastically nice guy. Then Ty did the great divide race on a beefed up version of one of his bikes. Ok, two plusses for the cool bike category. Then, Ty and the gang pulled together these bikes for their race team and pretty much blew everyone's minds. 

Of course he had a good AD as well. The red/orange color of the frames is spectacular. Titular even. And paired with some red Chris King hubs. I think that you're starting to get the picture. Allegedly it came down to the wire on the paint job and McFetridge phoned in with the paint numbers a mere hours before they were scheduled to go into the booth. That turned out to be the icing on the cake? Hmm. No that's not right. I was looking for something that adequately conveyed a cohesion of sorts. "Of course, Geoff had a particular color in mind, and of course it worked exactly with everything we were trying to pull off." Of course he did, that's what he does. 

We talked about the merits of now building bikes without disc tabs. Then we decided that we really didn't care too much either way and talked about something else exciting like how many showers he took when doing the Continental Divide Race or what crazy long distance ride/race that we could convince Ty to come back up here for. Turns out that answer is the Oregon Outback

In any case, the end result is a great looking machine that turns heads and works even better when raced with the matching Mudfoot kit. Which I guess is the point. 

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