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Bridge City CX

Bridge City CX

by Jeremy Dunn 

In a pleasant turn of events, Sellwood Cycle Repair hosted a cyclocross race in town a couple of weeks back. Utilizing the unique waterfront property that is the Oaks Bottom Amusement Park the race put in-town racing back on the map. Just like that! Not only did the race look fun as hell with its twisty turning, but the sand "feature" was a punishing test of the racer's abilities to navigate the sand. But, that's what they need right? The Cyclocross National Championship races will be taking place here in the Pacific Northwest in a couple of weeks and we need folks here to represent!

Here are a few thoughts about the race, in no particular order. 

- Can we do this race again? I want to race! In fact, maybe we do it as a weekly, yet weekend race? Something people can ride to? Same format as the PDX Trophy Cup, but just a month later? I'm still in, this looked like so much fun. 

- We need to get our act together and get the Athletic Cyclocross program back out of intermission. Anthony needs our support folks. Clint was out there for the single speed race, and Cole had a showing in the open men's race, but where is everyone? This is unacceptable and I promise, that once we collectively get our shit together we will be back out there racing. Lol.  

- Anthony is in good form folks! 

 PDX Futbol Fan Sock 

- I've said this before ad nauseam, but damn it's cool to see people rocking our socks. In the races and on the sidelines it doesn't even matter, it feels like they're everywhere. Shout out to Jackie from Breadwinner! 

- The abandoned amusement park thing makes for a cool backdrop. So, too, does the skyline of Portland popping up in the distance. Even the woods out here is cool and this made for one of the most interesting new cyclocross races on the scene in a while. It probably doesn't hurt that the crew from Sellwood Cycles like to ride and race, which the race reflected. 

- The sand was a problem for folks. Do we need to do a clinic next season to show people a few different ways to shoulder their bikes? That thing that you've been riding is not a suitcase, you may ride like a tourist, but you're in friggin race folks. Figure it out. (Side Note: "tourist" is what French cyclists call each other when they're trying to be degrading to each other, which is always.) 

- Barry and Carl are fast! Barry and I talked a little bit about this early in the morning, about how they are kind of turning into old dudes, but there aren't any younger people challenging them. At least not around here. What's up with that? Just a general statement, but it doesn't bode well for the health of the sport. 

The Rescue of American Bicycle Racing - does a much better job of addressing this than I can here. Not sure how I stumbled upon that, but it's pretty spot on. 

- The crew from Endurance Pdx did a great job of holding it down for the women racers. At one point I spotted Corey Fish waving $10 bills at any woman racer that passed. The one lady who grabbed it realized it and even let out a little shriek of joy as she stuffed it into the leg band of her skinsuit. 

Ok, hopefully, enough people signed up to race. Hopefully enough people came out and drank beer in the beer tent to make this thing happen again and again and again. Thank you Sellwood Cycle for keeping the dream alive! 

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