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BBQ Purple

La Galaxie - Purple. 

La Galaxie - Purple. 

BBQ Purple isn't a real color, it's a feeling. You know, walking down the block with the sun setting and feeling like summer really is not going to end. The street is closed off and the drinks are all cold, maybe one of the guys — the one without kids — is going to instigate a full on water balloon riot, and then end it with the hose.

Then, they will tire of that too. Probably well the rice krispy treats come out. The ones with the fudge on the top. Those are great for kids. Wait, did that guy just say he wants to get high? Those kids will never notice, they're too busy busting their faces playing football in the street. This BBQ party is slipping quickly as the adults take back the night. 

Can't it be summer all the time? 


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