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Aubergine is the new Pink.

Last weekend rounded out the Cross racing at the NBX races outside of Providence.

Great weekend of racing and great weekend of hanging out with friends (new and old.) I only say that because there was more than a few times that pal Dan Action and I were reminded (both verbally and visually [with either an eyebrow raise or a rude gesture]) that we were "old." Whatever that means...if these fools can't keep up it is entirely their problem.

Gary Bavolar entered himself into the Best Mustache of 08 competition. He's straight edge. Just so you know. He drinks IBC Root Beer. Just so you know. He screams his face off at every bike race he goes to. Just so you know.

I decided that everything is a competition that should be won. From bicycle races, to mustache growing, drinking, food-fights, waffle eating and anything else disgusting you can imagine. (Note: all of these were things that happened in the past week.)

I know the question at the forefront of everyone's minds is this..."Who won the T-shirt competition?" Well, I'm here to answer that for you. In a little bit. Annoying I know.

David Wilcox won the copy of Rouleur #11 however.

I can tell you that right off the bat.
However, trust me when I tell you that he was the first person to guess correctly the winner. He didn't win by his good looks, charm, or even luck. Which he has plenty of.

He correctly guessed the winner. Which was....

Thanks to Tom for modeling.
I know, I know, before you get all excited. It is not in Pink. Which the original submission was, but, if I may remind you. Purple is the new Pink. Or in this case Eggplant is the new purple. Or Aubergine is the new Eggplant...whichever way you want to go with it. These were printed in a limited fashion. Only 50 available. When they're gone, they're gone. However, they're not even available yet...but they will be on Wednesday December 17th at 7pm.

Stay Tuned and To Be Continued. I've been berating people for saying this in their blogs lately. Yet, somehow it just works. Or does it?
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