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And the Celebrity Judges Are...

The entries for the first ever Embrocation Cycling Journal T-Shirt Competition have been overwhelming to say the least. Every day I run home from school just as fast as I can to find my inbox stuffed to the gills with submissions.

Its exciting times at Embrocation HQ.
Side Note: I'll be doing a post about the sweet little prize package in a day or two.

So now that all the submissions are in (ok, seriously, one more day people.) But what I can do is tell you a little about each of the "Celebrity Judges." I've been throwing this term "celebrity" around loosely. I think these guys are starting to like it too. Slate just emailed me to tell me that because of this he actually went out and bought a gold chain with Slate Dawg in diamonds. I can't wait to see it.

In any case. Here they are:

1) Steve Francisco ~ CEO JDK Design. Seemed like good enough credentials to me. Also one of the best climbers that I've ever ridden with. I fancy myself a climber too, well, at least I used to fancy myself a climber. I've heard that's what it says on his licence plate too..."CEO JDK." I said celebrity didn't I?

2) Slate "Slate Dawg" Olson ~ GM Rapha North America. Go check out the Rapha site. See the guy with the silk scarf and the sunglasses casually climbing in the mountains? Well, that's not Slate, but it should be. Look at that smile.

3) Richard Bravo ~ Editor, Livin Large Quarterly. I like your style Rich. That's about all there is to it. Pay special attention to this photo by the way. This was the actual face Rich made when I told him that he was going to be one of the Judges. He also introduced me to a pretty awesome band this past weekend. Red Fang. I hear they are from PDX, but then again I guess everything cool comes from Portland. More on that later.

4) Richard Sachs ~ CEO GM and Head Honcho of Richard Sachs Cyles. Also one of the all around best guys on the Cross scene. Great Team, great riders...and if that doesn't equate to celebrity in my book? If you want to see him at the races go check out the pits, because he'll be there all damn day. Promise.

5) Me ~ Seriously, that's me in the background. I specifically remember wearing a big white T-shirt and black shorts (or was it a skirt?) At the Granogue races. If you squint you can see that I'm carrying my pet monkey as well. God that was great weekend.

7) Rob Vandermark ~ Founder/Owner of Seven Cycles. I know what you're thinking. But where's number 6? Wait for it to settle in...there it is. Now its making sense. From the way I hear it this guy is sick on a mountain bike...and why shouldn't he be? I mean, he did kind of pave the way for a lot of what's going on with Ti mountain bikes right? Voracious reader watch out for that. Speaking of reading. Check out his blog, and if I may be so bold...its really good.

So, I'm about to send them off a little pdf which includes all the t-shirt designs.

For the sake of secrecy, you know I can't show them all just yet. But what I can say is that there were a lot submissions. A bear and a unicorn make an appearance, so do some lightning bolts, an afro, some pave, and bikes...of course there are bikes in there.

You'll also be happy to know, dear reader, that not one person actually used any of the spelling errors. Great job guys.

Stay Tuned.

Red Fang.
“I hereby declare Red Fang to be one of the best fucking cheeseburgers you’ve ever had. Prepare to have your face melted off."

That's what it says on their website. I can't argue. These guys are pretty damn good. Their video is good too. Watch it and see how inventive they are with beer cans and swords. Great Monty Python tribute as well.

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