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And Craziness Ensued.

Last night all hell broke loose. At least that's how I saw it.
Stepped outside for a breath of air at one point and saw a pretty amazing sight to behold. Bikes, bikes bikes everywhere. Locked to pretty much anything bolted down. Also tried to thank everyone for coming, which amounted to little more than a few scratchy screams into a microphone and then back to the dancing straight-away.

The gathering also provided the perfect venue to do a little "face time." You know, where the soul music is jacked and everyone is dancing, booze is flowing, and you're standing in the thick of it screaming your face off. Or drinking your face off. Or dancing your face off. Or just plain facing off.

Thanks for coming out, you.
For those of you that couldn't make it, fear not, we'll do it again.

Now, take a look at the photos above and you will notice quite a few interesting things.

One: Emily has two beers in the pockets of her sweater. Very classy.

Two: JT came out to party even though he busted up his shoulder.
Thank you JT.

Three: If you look on the table where the shirts are you will see a small bag with an Embrocation Cycling Journal logo on it. What could that be?

Four: ECJV2.5 is smaller than the others. But I hope still an interesting read. The feature that you see here is an article that Mark McCormack penned on the many ways to ride through sand pits. Very informative.

Five: Last but not least. This was a super secret (I like secrets) printing of one of the other T-shirt Design submissions. It was created by a pretty amazing Designer/Racer or is is Racer/Designer? A one, Mr. Jesse LaLonde. He has a blog too. Its called Creepy Friendly.
He also wrote a little piece in V2.5 about how he broke his collarbone trying to Hotdog it through the barriers.

One more thing:
I have a slight thing for notebooks of all shapes and sizes. Is there such a thing as a paper fetish? No idea. Anyway. This morning as I emptied my bag of the previous nights festivites (which ammounted to four cupcakes, three chocolate bars [all single origin mind you], two sets of tires, a red cycling computer and a T-shirt of a Russian guy punching out a bear) I almost missed it. Its a Moleskine notebook that has storyboard frames in it.

Why did no one tell me about these sooner?
I spent the day sketching out no less than three short videos.

Year of the Ox.
Who knew?
Could be good.
"Sharks in the dunk-tank,
vipers in the garden,
locust stole the groceries out the local farmers market
all gods critters hold positions
some are violent some are victims
each alive is an equal and vital piston i support
so when the piranhas honor New York
my daddy long legs dangled and mangled for sport. "
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