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216: I Heart RBX

Last Years Paris-Roubaix

I walked down the street today. My legs felt like someone hit them with a baseball bat. Not a really smashing blow or anything like that, just one good solid whack to each quad. Maybe with the added bonus of a punch to the middle of the calf - for good measure. However frightful this might sound though, it is not.

It happens mostly when you start out walking. Each and every curb that you step up, or down, feels like one of those awkward super high, or super low curbs. The ones that you feel like you should sort of jump off of, but feel ridiculous doing. Except that they are not those curbs. They are just regular curbs. Maybe it has something to do with the motion of riding? As soon as you swing your leg off the bike that fluid motion that has been a part of your body for the past few hours now becomes a series of broken and jerky movements.

The one thing that it does well is that it slows you down. Or in this case it slows me down. Yeah, yeah, stop and smell the flowers or something to that effect. However I always see or hear something that I never expect. For example, on the way down the street today: I heard the window slide open before I heard the women speak, before I saw her leaning out the window. She was very large and very black, but the words that came out of her mouth left me chuckling to myself for another two blocks. "Romeo! Rooo - Meee - Ohhhh! God damn it, where is shit is that boy when I need him." Eat it Shakespeare.

King Kong.

We rode the King Kong RBX this weekend. That is to say the Paris-Roubaix version of the King Kong Classic. This ride could, or might have been appropriated from its original intent. I would like to think not, but the possibility always exists. Hopefully we can keep it up as a sort of monthly ride (I really just like it as an excuse to try and design another funny flier). Although the very nature of the ride makes it worth getting together.

See the photo below? Does that not look like Roubaix? Ok, so maybe it does not, but the ditch looks a little like it... see the comparison? Well, Chris Milliman sent over some photos for me again. Love that guy. I have seen him in action a few times (Rapha, Ibex, Serrotta, Various and Sundry Cycling Events) but this one, where all he did was shoot photos of handsome looking Italian men. Well, that was pretty awesome to see...

Ditch - King Kong Classic 2010 Edition

Ditch - Paris-Roubaix, 2009 Edition

About to be Ditched - Paris-Roubaix, 2010 Edition
Photo by Chris Milliman

I rode this morning before I got to see the actual coverage from the race. Apparently the Verzus does not want you to watch their coverage either. Wow, never is it more apparent that they are not cyclists, or care about cycling, than when they cut to ads in the middle of THE decisive move of the day (week? year?), and then come back to the race after it has already happened. Yeah, I get it (you told me on twitter) you did cover the move. But eff that, I want to see what happened right up until the moment that the move was made.

No big deal, we can find it on the internet. Besides, the race happened hours ago, so don't you guys think that you could go back and make sure that we get to see the important moves? I just do not like to see people worry about these things. I want all the angles covered, so to speak.

Worry Not Weaver, You Do Indeed have the best Kit - King Kong Classic, 2010 Edition

Don't worry Dusty Chimp, you'll get it next year- Paris-Roubaix, 2009 Edition

You Just Finished and that is Fucking Amazing - Paris-Roubaix, 2010 Edition
(but the cobbles look to have jostled the Bell logo on your helmet)
Photo by Chris Milliman

The one thing that I was bummed to have missed (its Tax time what would you have me do?) is to have played Cyclocosm's game Paris-Roubino. Both BKW and B.Strickland sent over quotes for me to put together into a document. Maybe I will get to that in the next day or so (Better late than never??) but there were some really great ones on Cyclocosm as well. Wonder who won? Probably not Hincapie.

I am purposefully glossing over a few things that happened around the world this past weekend and I'm hoping for more answers as we move into the next few days. One of my favorite cyclists and member of the Embrocation Road Race team Colin Holmes Murphy went down hard at the Battenkill (a few broken ribs and a partially collapsed lung? fucking OW!)...think good thoughts think good thoughts...we are here for you my man.

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