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208: Straight Outa Nottingham.

You have heard me talk about this bike. Well here it is. In all its single-speed glory. Thanks to everyone who wrote in requesting the bicycle. Both of you. You did the right thing and went with your heart and I appreciate that. Sincerely. And I have not forgotten about you. Really.

And maybe you find it rude, that I post these photos after the fact? But, I guess that is just the breaks. I had tons of great submissions (four total) and people really went all out (by writing emails). Just asking you to think outside the box a little is all. Take a chance. Take a chance on a dream? What am I even saying I do not know?

I did have a savior in all of this though. One man went out of his way to put a little creativity back out there in the world. I mean, the truth of the matter (this is the sunshine talking) that we do so much TAKING these days that maybe it was time to give back a little bit? So, this guy went and made a board game out of it. What the fuck? It works as well...

Kyle and I gave him the 20 questions about it and he responded like he knew what the hell he was talking about. I'll have to get back to you on the name (which means I'm going to make him change it to something with BRO in it.) The little moving figurines are a used chamois, a Mach3 razor, and a worn out set of road cleats all cast in copper. It is going to be that big. And if you happen to follow Kyle VonH on twatter: @newantarctica you might have seen some of the preliminary drawings that are definitely going into the final design of the board game.

God damn that is a hot saddle.

There is a little bit of mud there on the Pabst logo but I somehow thought that appropriate. This bike has been ridden sweetly and caressed through the mud a limited number of times. Each time was with great care and attention to the pain that was searing through my body at the time. Going straight from a legitimately (attempted) A Cross race to that was not what I would call a pleasant experience. But still Reigning Holeshot Champion Tony Pereira did ok with it.

I really like what these guys are doing though. Both the SSCXWC and Raleigh. I have seen a disconnect between brands and "scenes" happen before. We all have. And it isn't happening here. Whatever Sally's practices "off the court" may be, "on the court" he has his eye on the ball. Always. What I am still trying to figure out though... is why, when I had that red and black Raleigh CX bike in 2004 or 05 (you know, the one with the carbon rear triangle, I'm sure I have photos somewhere)

My how the times have changed huh? The ones of myself from that era are pretty funny as well. Richard Fries took to calling me "the bearded gent" for a while. Could not tell if that was a gentle urging to shave or something else entirely. It was also around this time that we started making trips down to the MACC series and Fat Marc and I instantly became frenemies. I wish I could remember how the start of that friendship went? A mid-race conversation? A passing thought as we brushed shoulders on the course?

Me: You're wearing a pink helmet.
Marc: Yup.
race race race pedal pedal pedal turn race pedal pedal pedal
Me: You always wear that helmet?
Marc: Pretty much.
race race race pedal pedal pedal turn race pedal pedal pedal

Seriously though I don't think that is how it went down, and I want to remember. Damn it. I think that it had something to do with me coming down and stealing precious points away from his boy in the B's. There might have been some hostility even at one point. (a very- who do these guys think they are kind of thing) but I'm betting that it was Marc who tempered everything with a joke. I also remember that after a couple years our relationship (yeah I took it there) progressed to a point where if I got to the start line and could not find him I would just let fly with a "MAAAARC" which in turn would be answered "DUUUUUNNNN." Primitive I know, but also effective.

So, enough for the trip down memory lane...

My real question was this...

Why did my Raleigh Cross Bike (the Red and Black one) have 135mm spacing in the rear? It was the only one out of the whole batch that had it. Ideas? Was it only so that I could use my Spinergy Wheels with the frame? Thought so.
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