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206: More More More.

Evil Ryan keeps asking about Ping-Pong this weekend, and the only thing that I could think was. Ping-Pong Porno Paddles. Not because I am really that into...(which am I going to say?) Porno, but because this would be a sweet thing to have on hand. Plus David Neevel made them and that makes them awesomer...why? Because he has a beard and I just saw a photo of him holding cookies at a bar downtown. Beards and cookies.

Also, there have been a little bit of sweet-age showing up at the office for the party this weekend. Mr. Sachs himself sent over a print which looks really good and was done by House Industries. I want you to have one.

And the Chris Piascik Major Taylor piece showed up. The little pamphlet style book looks really great. Take a look through his site as there are some great hand drawn letters happening over there. Really good looking stuff. So, there is that. But in all honesty, I really really like this one not only for the historical reference, but also for its overall message. It sounds like M. Taylor is the kind of guy that I would not mind hanging out with. "Don't Forget to Play the Game Fair." How do you even argue with that?

Also heard that he is going to be printing a full on letterpress style one. So, that should be good too.

There will be some T-Shirts on hand as well. I did a little T-shirt section in the new publication and have been getting some good feedback on it. Actually I just made that I up, I haven't gotten much feedback on it, but in an effort to "Play the Game Fair" I just thought that I should let you know where I am coming from. The guy working the hotel desk at the NAHBS said that he really liked this section though because I had sweet "tats". Thanks man, but I have realized (maybe just tonight) that I kept getting tattoos to cover up the really bad ones. They are good now, but when it first got going... yikes...(what I was 17.)

I'm going to do a similar spread like this for amateur cycling kits the next time around, so let me know if you think that I should feature yours. Because, really, I probably should. And wait till you see how I am going to shoot it. (Ones I am hoping for - Wooly Mammoth, PBS, CBS, HUPIS LIBRIS, ATMO, Pony Shop, Ritte, Cambridge Bicycle, Geekhouse, IF... what am I forgetting? I know that I am forgetting a few there.) So, send me over an email if you think that your kit should be featured.

But here is what the TShirt looks like. If you are not going to be albe to make the party. You are in luck! You can still get one of your own on these shirts. Which I made by hand. Well, sort of. I printed out the logo and then placed some tracing paper over it. But, it seems to make a better story if you actually made it by hand.

Also, the fun is not going to stop this weekend. Or at the very least on Saturday. The Veloforma Gals are having their own little party right down the street and I highly recommend that you go and check this one out as well. I am planning on it. Dave Roth, our man in the field, said that he went to this event last year and every girl on the team was dressed up and looking positively great in what could almost pass as evening wear. That is a good reason to be there.

and then...

On Sunday morning when you wake up with a hangover from having too much beer. Then I guess you could come and ride this. I seriously just found this flyer on the way over here and scanned it into the computer. Fresh off the press or something... Anyway, I did the first one and it was so much fun that I think I will do it again.

PS - Boonen is definitely going to win Milan San Remo. Cavendish is out getting his teeth fixed and who else do we have? Hausler? Nope, injured. Maybe someone old and crusty?

Also, the same Dave Roth that was pushing me to break it up with the EMBRO awards harped on me so badly tonight for not following through with all of them that I think they will continue. I really thought that people were over the NAHBS and didn't care too much so I thought I would just save it all for the actual issue. But worry not, I'll finish it out.

See you Saturday.
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