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205: Never Been to Spain (the song.)

2916 Alberta Street PDX

Mention free beer. Just mention it.

See? I told you that the Flyer out of Ampersand would be much better than mine. If for no other reason than they got the address correct. I got that word that there is going to be some Mad Alchemy action up in this piece as well. Yes, I said up in this piece. That was almost as "street" as when CD quoted Biggie Smalls this morning. Judas Priest I am used to, but Biggie plucks at the heartstrings.

Did I mention that I am excited to hang out with everyone this weekend, albeit nervous? Tina Brubaker twitted, or tweeted that she was coming and things were going to get "broke." And then on top of that 21st Avenue bicycles commented that they were going to "destroy everything in sight." Am I to take this as a sign that things may actually get broken at the Ampersand Shop? That is not what I had in mind.

I simply thought that we could get together and discuss some of the issues of the day?

Some of the issues of the day:

1) This amazing post on Craigslist. "Black turtle mud spikes = Pinhead designed and tested to raise hell" I don't even know what that means, but it makes me laugh.

2) Corey Haim. What happened little buddy? (Ok, we all know what happened.)

3) Speaking of Mind Melting. My mind melted when I saw this on Tracko today. You can find a few other ones on the site of Jorge Leon. Sir, you are now in the awesomebook just for putting this little collection together. Virenqe and Indurain are my favorites. Ok, I like Delgado too. Ok, they are all pretty awesome. I fucking love Virenque's haircut on this too. I'm doing that for the summer.

Every time I think about Indurain, or even hear the mention of his name I think about Spain. I was there a few years ago and somehow found myself humping this crappy mountain bike up throught hills that I could not fathom now if I tried. Everywhere you looked there was sunshine and goats. You would have to stop in the road and wait on the hot tarmac for them to move along. Then get a running start and jam on the broken pedals and hope for the best.

You know how they (people who have no clue about cycling) shout "Gooo Lance" whenever they see you in a cycling kit? (Shame on you if you wear yellow). Well, over there they chant something else and it goes "In-du-rain, In-duuu-rain." It only took me about seven goat herders to figure out what they were saying. And the instant it did my hear swelled to three times its normal size and tears squeezed from my eyes.

Thanks Spain.

4) The Spanish Mashburn
Speaking of Spain, my teammate Kyle Smith (I can still say teammate if he's on the East Coast right?) and former teammate Nick Mashburn (Cambridge Bicycle and now Svelte? Awesome!) are riding their right now. And I am insanely jealous. I guess I will go ride Otto Miller to punish those thoughts out of my silly little head tomorrow.

See you in a couple days. Or not. But before I go, I'll leave you with this little photo. It was a twitter post earlier today, but before that I printed it in Embrocation Volume one. And before that someone took it and then gave it to my other Hero Steve Pucci.

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