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1st Annual Blazers Basketball Show

This Thursday, February 19th we will be hosting a show here at the shop. The question forming on your lips, and I can feel it, is "but, what kind of show is it?" Well, about a year ago our good friend Jordan Reid (remember him, he shot all the photos from the PDX Trophy Cup?) clued us in to the fact that his Grandfather Stuart Inman was a man that could be considered one of the founding fathers of the Portland Trailblazers. Pretty cool, right? He also contributed to the founding of the Miami Heat, put in some work at the Milwaukee Bucks front office, and scouted a few players for the Dallas Mavericks (Jason Kidd and Jamal Mashburn!! But, let's not forget that once he left San Jose State, his next stop was Portland, Oregon. 

Well, it just got better from there because as we talked he dug around his Grandfather's house and unearthed a treasure trove of Blazer memorabilia. They also have the upside of helping Jordan unearth some great moments from his families history, which is never a bad thing.  

We figured, why not put some of this one display. So far this season the team itself has been having one hell of a year - two all stars, a three point shooter that can hand with the best of them, and a continuing tradition of basketball (and fandom) that gets people excited to this day. 

One of those outlets for excitement has been the art surrounding the NBA that has continued to grow. Adam Villacin's Dream Team Zine was one of the first that we carried. We turned his Clyde Drexler illustration from this zine into a shirt that will be available Thursday. Local artist Nathan McKee's Hangtime zine coming in at a close second. But, what these artists did, and do, was open our eyes to the potential that exists in paying tribute to not only one of our favorite sports, but in the ability to highlight the unsung hero's within those sports. Which is why we decided to include some of their art alongside the traditional photos and newspaper clippings.

Join us on Thursday night as we *attempt* to pay tribute to that local tradition with the 1st Annual Blazers Basketball Show. The hope is that this will continue, that we will get to hear some of the stories surrounding this town and it's basketball tradition and continue to find new stories to tell. 

1st Annual Blazers Basketball Show  
The Athletic Community 
925 NW 19th Ave - Suite A 
Portland, OR 97209 

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