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192: Out Riding.

Here are some shots from riding around here the last few days. It does not suck to ride in February. Even if you get wet once in a while. Speaking of riding around check out this site The Blue and Red . His shots from riding around are much nicer (and more arty) than mine for certain. Did a nice little montage of his riding shots in the new EmbroV5. Are you keeping track of all the hints I've provided this week?

I know that Saturday looks like it was more standing around than anything, but we really did ride for almost four hours. Up, then down. Then back up. And then down some more. And then loads of coffee. Which was good. Does everyone not start their day with a quad americano? Why do people look at me weird when I order that?

Also, since we are talking about hints, Dan Sharp is seen riding here (with his Mapei hat sticking out of his back pocket) he also shot some photos for the new issue of Ira Ryan and Tony Periera's Workshops. And Slate can be seen here riding his Ira Ryan "West Hills" style bike. Good stuff.



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