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189: A Few Things.

This week we have a bunch of strange and wonderful things. However, I can't stop thinking about the King Kong. Anyone want to do it again this weekend? The nice thing about the entire loop is that it was fast enough to be back before 1pm. I bet if you started earlier you could go longer, or be back sooner, depending on your math and ambition.

1) Now is the time of year to start thinking about the hardmen. Conjuring images of Stijn and Tornado Tom, or maybe even Lemond Circa the 1989 world championships. Not a bad race either when you come from behind to fight off Fingnon for the title. (thanks Douceblog)

2) Wu-Tang vs. The Beatles

Go get this. Rich Bravo sent it to me earlier today and I "got it" but after only one and a half listens it is pretty damn good. Especially the clips of girls freaking out about the Beatles. And maybe anything that Ghostface says. Because Ghostface is pretty much the jam. I shrugged my shoulders and gave that "eh, you know" kind of thing. Get it.

2.5) Mo Bruno's Cyclocross World Championship Report

3) James Selman's Beloved Bicycle.

Sure, laugh it up I say. Really have yourself a hearty chuckle (Scott that was aimed at you) but I think that this bike is pretty fucking cool. Sure it is not a race bike and I guess liking it is somehow making me soft. But I guess those are the breaks. Besides, if I were to ride somewhere to have a drink or dinner, or something that was not competition related what would I take? No car here, might as well take a bike? Just a thought. Plus, if you put the above album on your iPhone and ride around on a bike hip-hop ness will ooze out of your every pore.

Side Note: Dear Bike Portland, I was under the impression that each citizen of the Portland Community was to receive a bike of this quality and style upon moving here...I'm still waiting.

4) More Bicycle Riding.

5) International Cycle Sport

The new issue of International Cycle Sport just came out and there is an interesting article in the American Supplement titled "A Letter to America."By Mal Rees. Here is an excerpt :

A time trial requires but the minimum of organization, not requiring hosts of officials. The tyro, rabbit, beginner (I'll bet you have many words of your own to describe the greenhorn newcomer) can get as much satisfaction from riding a time trial as does the muscle-bound-whizz-kid who hares along like a wild-cat (I love these mixed metaphors) also in search of his private target. The basic priciple is simplicity itself.

I love this magazine and look forward to its arrival via post each month. So, you might find an in depth analysis of that coming up. There is a new section in the back of this one detailing some of the latest fashion trends in not only Winter Clothing (stockings and whatnot) but also Indoor and Outdoor training.

6) Some Pretty Sweet Buttons

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